New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, March 30, 2022!

Kieron Gillen’S Immortal X-Men #1

Amazing Spider-Man #93
Captain Marvel #37
Conan Barbarian Epic Collection Original Marvel Years TP: Once & Future
Dark Ages #6 (Of 6)
Ghost Rider #2
Hulk #4 2nd Ptg
Hulk #5
Hulk Grand Design: Monster #1
Immortal X-Men #1
Iron Fist #2
John Buscema Silver Surfer Artisan Ed HC (IDW)
Marvel Deadpool PVC Bank
Marvel Loki PVC Bank
Marvel Previews Vol. 6 #7 April 2022
Miles Morales Spider-Man #36
Silk #3
Silver Surfer: Rebirth #3 (Of 5)
Spider-Woman #21
Star Wars Bounty Hunters #21
X-Cellent #2
X-Men By Hickman Omnibus HC
X-Men Epic Collection TP: Bishop’s Crossing
X-Men Omnibus HC Vol. 2 New Ptg
X-Men Unlimited: Latitude #1

Aquamen #2
Batman Beyond The White Knight #1 (Of 8)
Batman Faze Clan #1 (One Shot)
Batman One Dark Knight #2 (Of 3)
Batman The Ultimate Guide New Ed HC
Challenge Of The Super Sons TP
DC Gaming Figures Wave 5 7-inch AFs
DC Poster Portfolio Jim Lee TP Vol. 2
DC Vs Vampires #6 (Of 12)
Sensational Wonder Woman Special #1 (One Shot)
Shadow War: Alpha #1 (One Shot)
Swamp Thing #11 (Of 16)
War For Earth-3 #2 (Of 2)

Astro City Metrobook TP Vol. 1
Astro City: That Was Then Special One-shot
Hellcop TP Vol. 1: Welcome To Hell

Magic Order 2 #6 (of 6)
Newburn #5
Radiant Black #13
Righteous Thirst For Vengeance #6
Rogue Sun #2
Spawn #328
Step By Bloody Step #2 (of 4)
ZVRC: Zombies Vs Robots Classic #1 (of 4) (Ashley Wood)

Buffy Vampire Slayer 25th Anniv #1
Good Luck TP
Killer Affairs Of State #2 (of 6)
Something Is Killing The Children #21

Apex Legends Overtime #4 (of 4)
Ham-Let Shakespearean Mash-Up HC
Hellboy Silver Lantern Club #5 (of 5)
In The Flood TP
Killer Queens TP
Orville Season 2.5 Digressions TP
Pearl TP Vol. 1
Usagi Yojimbo Saga TP Vol. 4 (2nd Ed)

Killing Red Sonja TP
Pantha #2

G.I. Joe Real American Saturday Morning Adventures #2 (of 4)
TMNT Annual 2022
TMNT Ongoing #127
Transformers: War’s End #2 (of 4)
Usagi Yojimbo: Lone Goat & Kid #3

Air War Stories #4
Almost American #5
Animal Castle #4
Apex Legends Overtime #4 (Of 4)
Ascencia #11
Bettie Page Hollywood Adventures Murder Island TP
Beyond The Farthest Star #3
Bloodshot By Tim Seeley Dlx HC
Cavewoman Heading Home One Shot
Cities Of Magick #1
Crow Legends In 3D Crow 1/2 Scale Bust
Darkstalkers Morrigan #1
Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter Of Death #6 (Of 6)
Fire Force GN Vol. 26
Godzilla Smashies Px Stress Dolls
Good Luck TP
Ham-Let Shakespearean Mash-Up HC
Harbinger (2021) #6
Heathens #5
I Am A Cat Barista GN Vol. 2
In His Own Image #2 (Of 3)
In The Flood TP
Isla To Island GN
John Severin Two-Fisted Comic Book Artist HC
Killer Affairs Of State #2 (Of 6)
Killing Red Sonja TP
Kirby Manga Mania GN Vol. 4
Knights Of The Dinner Table Midnight Special TP
Marvel Animated X-Men Sabretooth 1/7 Scale Bust
Monster Men: Isle Of Terror #1 (Of 3)
Moorcock Elric HC Vol. 4 (Of 4): Dreaming City
My Date With Monsters #5
Number On
Pinball Graphic History Of The Silver Ball HC
POP! Animation Demon Slayer Muzan Kibutsuji Vinyl Fig
POP! Animation Simpsons Emperor Montimus Vinyl Fig
POP! Animation Simpsons Emperor Montimus Vin Fig
POP! Rocks Knight Post Malone Vinyl Fig
POP! Simpsons Alien Mr Burns Px Vinyl Fig
POP! Simpsons Alien Mr Burns Px Vinyl Fig
POP! Tv Witcher Yennifer Vinyl Fig
Ranger Stranger #2
Rise Of Dracula #4 (Of 6)
Sacred Six TP Vol. 1: Numerology
Savage Circus #10 (Of 11)
Season Of The Bruja #1
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Official Movie Pre Quill
Last Session #4
UQ Holder GN Vol. 25
World Class OGN
World Of Archie Jumbo Comics Digest #118
Zorro New World #3


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