New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, February 3, 2021!

Star Wars: The High Republic #2

Amazing Spider-Man #101 Facsimile Edition (1st Morbius!)
Amazing Spider-Man #55 2nd Ptg
Avengers #42
Avengers By Hickman Complete Collection TP Vol. 3
Avengers: Mech Strike #1 (of 5)
Conan The Barbarian By Aaron & Asrar HC
Dawn Of X Tp Vol 12
Eternals Poster Book TP
Eternals TP: To Defy Apocalypse
Hellions #9
Immortal Hulk #43
Incredible Hulk: My Mighty Marvel First Book Board
King In Black: Black Knight #1
King In Black: Gwenom Vs Carnage #2 (of 3)
King In Black: Marauders #1
King In Black: Return Of Valkyries #2 (of 4)
Shang-Chi, Legend Of #1
Luke Cage Epic Collection TP: Retribution
Marvel Action Avengers TP Book 4: Living Nightmare (IDW)
Marvel Action Chillers #4 (Of 4) (IDW)
Marvel Action Origins #1 (Of 5) (IDW)
Marvel Spider-Man Cover 500-Piece Puzzle
Marvel Zombies TP Resurrection
MMV Spider-Woman HC Vol. 2
Morbius TP: Preludes And Nightmares
Runaways #33
Scarlet Witch By James Robinson Complete Collection TP
Spider-Man: Kraven’s Last Hunt Marvel Select HC
Star Wars #11
Star Wars: High Republic #2
Strange Academy #8
Sword Master TP Vol. 2: God Of War
Venom #33
Venom By Donny Cates HC Vol. 2
Warhammer 40k: Marneus Calgar #4 (of 5)
X-Factor #7

Batman & Batgirl Unite! Book About Teamwork HC
DC’s Greatest Detective Stories Ever Told TP
Dreaming: Waking Hours #7 (of 12)
Far Sector #10 (Of 12)
Flash By Geoff Johns Omnibus Vol. 2 HC
Flash Facts TP
Future State: Dark Detective #1 (Of 4) Second Printing
Future State: Harley Quinn #1 (Of 2) Second Printing
Future State: Harley Quinn #2 (Of 2)
Future State: Superman Of Metropolis #2 (Of 2)0
Future State: Swamp Thing #1 (Of 2) Second Printing
Future State: Swamp Thing #2 (Of 2)
Future State: The Flash #2 (Of 2)
Future State: The Next Batman #1 (Of 4) Second Printing
Future State: The Next Batman #2 (Of 4) Second Printing
Future State: The Next Batman #3 (Of 4)
Future State: Wonder Woman #1 (Of 2) Second Printing
Future State: Wonder Woman #2 (Of 2)
Harley Quinn & The Birds Of Prey #4 (Of 4)
Hellblazer: Rise And Fall #3 (Of 3)
Justice League: Unlimited Hocus Pocus TP
Legion Of Super-Heroes: Before The Darkness Vol. 1 HC
Lucifer Vol. 4: The Devil At Heart TP
Man-Bat #1 (Of 5)
Manhunter By Archie Goodwin & Walter Simonson Deluxe Edition HC
Superman In The Fifties TP

Deep Beyond #1 (of 12)
Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee #8
Graphic Fantasy #1 (Facsimile Ed)
Graphic Fantasy #2 (Facsimile Ed
Image Firsts: Ascender #1 (ONLY $1.00!)
Image Firsts: Bitter Root #1 (ONLY $1.00!)
Image Firsts: Die #1 (ONLY $1.00!)
Image Firsts: Killadelphia #1 (ONLY $1.00!)
Image Firsts: Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy #1 (ONLY $1.00!)
Image Firsts: Old Guard #1 (ONLY $1.00!)
Image Firsts: Undiscovered Country #1 (ONLY $1.00!)
Inkblot #6
Walking Dead Dlx #8

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #22
Last Witch #1 2nd Ptg
Lumberjanes TP Vol. 17
Luna #1 (of 5)
Specter Inspectors #1 (of 5)

Afterlift TP
Colonel Weird Cosmagog TP
Fear Case #1 (Of 4)
Overwatch Tracer: London Calling #3

Die!Namite Bloody Valentine One-Shot
Sonjaversal #1
Vampirella Valentines Special One-Shot
Vengeance Of Vampirella #14

Canto II: Hollow Men #5 (Of 5)
Chained To The Grave #1 (of 5)
GI Joe Snake Eyes: Deadgame #4
Sea Of Sorrows #3 (of 5)
Star Wars Adventures (2020) #3
Star Wars: High Republic Adventures #1
TMNT: Jennika II #4 (Of 6)
TMNT: The Last Ronin #1 (Of 5) 3rd Ptg
TMNT Ultimate Collection TP Vol. 5
Transformers: Beast Wars #1
Transformers Vs Terminator TP

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night #1 2nd Ptg
After The Rain GN
Archie 80th Anniversary Jumbo Comics Digest #1
Aster Of Pan HC
Be More Chill SC GN
Blue Exorcist GN Vol. 2 25
Boruto GN Vol. 10 Naruto Next Generations
Brightly Woven SC GN
Cerebus In Hell 2021 Preview One Shot
Cimmerian: Frost Giants Daughter #3
Deep Beyond #1 (Of 12)
Delicious In Dungeon GN Vol. 9
Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba GN Vol. 20
Eat And Love Yourself Original GN
Encoded #1
Funko DC Holiday Holly Quinn With Mallet Plush
Game Trade Magazine #252
Home TP Vol. 1
Hotline Miami Wildlife #5 (Of 8)
Jojos Bizarre Adv 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable HC Vol
Knights Of The Dinner Table #279
Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem #2 (Of 2)
Maniac Of New York #1
Manns World #2
Mary: Adventures Of Mary Shelley’s Great Granddaughter GN
Mysterious Travelers Ditko & Search For New Libera
Neil Gaiman Graveyard Book GN Vol. 1 New Ptg
POP! Animation Simpsons: Lard Lad 6-Inch Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Wars Valentines: Cupid Chewbacca Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Wars Valentines: Stormtrooper W/ Heart Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Wars Valentines: Vader W/ Heart Vinyl Fig
POP! Star Wars Valentines: Yoda W/ Heart Vinyl Fig
Psychodrama Illustrated #4
Redemption #1
Resonant #7
Rick And Morty: Worlds Apart #1
Star Trek: Spock And Kirk 500-Piece Puzzle
Strike The Blood Light Novel SC Vol. 17
Sword Art Online Novel SC Vol. 21
Teddy GN
That Full Moon Feeling One-Shot
Thirsty Mermaids GN
Wrong Earth: Night And Day #2
Zombie Tramp Ongoing #77


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