New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, January 6, 2021!

Marvel Comics’ The Eternals #1

Aero TP Vol. 2: Mystery Of Madame Huang
Always An Invader HC
Amazing Spider-Man #56
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection TP: Goblin’s Last Stand
Avengers By Jason Aaron TP Vol. 7: Age Of Khonshu
Avengers West Coast Epic Collection TP: How The West Was Won
Captain America #117 Facsimile Edition
Deadpool HC: Hey It’s Deadpool Marvel Select
Eternals #1
Guardians Of The Galaxy #10
Guardians Of The Galaxy By Donny Cates HC
Hellions #8
Incredible Hulk Epic Collection TP: Who Will Judge The Hulk?
Infinity Crusade Omnibus HC
Iron Man #5
Juggernaut #5 (of 5)
King In Black: Return Of The Valkyries #1 (of 4)
Marvel Action Avengers (2020) #3 (IDW)
Marvel Black Panther Wakanda Forever SC
Marvel Previews Vol. 5 #7 January 2021
Marvel Vault Of Heroes Iron Man TP (IDW)
MMW Captain America HC Vol. 12
Miles Morales Spider-Man #22
Modok Head Games #2 (of 4)
Moon Knight Omnibus HC Vol. 1
Rise Of Ultraman #5 (of 5)
Savage Sword Conan Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC Vol. 4
Spider-Woman #8
Star Wars #10
Star Wars Darth Vader #7 2nd Ptg
Star Wars: High Republic #1 (of 5)
Symbiote Spider-Man: King In Black #3 (of 5)
Symbiote Spider-Man: Marvel Tales #1
Thor #11
Uncanny X-Men Omnibus HC Vol. 3 New Ptg
Venom #32
Wolverine #7 2nd Ptg
X-Factor #6
X-Men By Chris Claremont & Jim Lee Omnibus HC Vol. 1 New Ptg

Batman Adventures Robin The Boy Wonder TP
Batman The Caped Crusader Vol. 5 TP
Dark Nights Death Metal #7 (Of 7)
Dreaming: Waking Hours #6
Future State Harley Quinn #1 (Of 2)
Future State Superman Of Metropolis #1 (Of 2)
Future State Swamp Thing #1 (Of 2)
Future State The Flash #1 (Of 2)
Future State The Next Batman #1 (Of 4)
Future State Wonder Woman #1 (Of 2)
Generations Shattered #1 (One Shot)
House Of El Book One: The Shadow Threat TP
POP! & Buddy: DC Holiday Harley Quinn W/ Helper Vinyl Fig

Wonder Woman By George Perez Vol. 5 TP

Crossover #3
Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee #7
Fire Power By Kirkman & Samnee TP Vol. 2
Getting It Together #4
Inkblot #5
Paul Is Dead OGN
Rat Queens #24
Unearth #9
Walking Dead Dlx #6

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #21
Klaus New Adventures Of Santa Claus GN
Last Witch #1

Harrow County Omnibus TP Vol. 1
Savor TP

Dungeons & Dragons At Spine Of World #3 (of 4)
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic #93
Sleeping Beauties #5 (of 10)
Star Trek Year Five #18
Transformers #26
Usagi Yojimbo #16

100 Greatest Looney Tunes Cartoons HC New Ptg
Artemis And Assassin TP
Baby Sitters Little Sister GN Vol. 3: Karen’s Worst
Banana Fox GN Vol. 1: Secret Sour Society
Betty & Veronica Spectacular TP Vol. 3
Bloodshot (2019) TP Vol. 3
Cat Shit Vol. 2 #2
Disney Bros: Fabulous Story Of Walt And Roy GN
Dryad #8
Fangs GN
Godzilla 1954 Movie Pint Glass
Godzilla 1964 Mothra Vs Godzilla Movie Pint Glass
Gold Digger #278
Happy Hour #3
Honor And Curse #7
Hound Heroes SC GN Vol. 1: Beware The Claw
Join The Future TP
Judge Dredd Complete Case Files TP Vol 35
Klaus New Adventures Of Santa Claus GN
Knock ‘Em Dead #2
Last Witch #1
Lola’s Super Club SC Vol. 1: My Dad Is A Super Secret Hero
My Weird School GN Vol. 1: Mr Corbett Is In Orbit
Naturalist Graphic Adaptation
Oh My Gods GN
Perspective For Comic Book Artists SC
POP! Games Vox Machina: Vaxildan Vinyl Figure
Psi-Lords TP Vol. 1
Punchline #11
Resistance Reborns Oneshot #1
Sapiens GN Vol. 1: Birth Of Humankind
Savor TP
Scouts Honor #1
Seamus The Famous GN
Star Trek Discovery Special #4 Starbase 1
World Of Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #1
Wrong Earth Night And Day #1


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