New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, July 29, 2020!

Pulp HC By Ed Brubaker and Jacob & Sean Phillips

Batman Deluxe Edition Collection HC Book 5
Batman Superman #10
DC Cybernetic Summer #1
DC Super Heroes Wonder Woman: Three Big Bullies YR
Deathstroke: R.I.P. TP
FCBD 2020 Batman: Overdrive & Once Upon A Crime Flipbook
John Constantine Hellblazer #8
Legion Of Super Heroes #7
Lucifer TP Vol. 3: The Wild Hunt
Plunge #5 (Of 6)
Red Hood Outlaw #47
Suicide Squad #7
Wonder Woman #759
Wonder Woman: Be More Wonder Woman HC
Wonder Woman: Come Back To Me TP
Wonder Woman: War Of The Gods Omnibus HC
World’s Finest: Guardians Of The Earth HC

Amazing Spider-Man #45
Avengers Epic Collection TP: This Beachhead Earth
Avengers: Live Kree Or Die TP
Cable #2
Captain Marvel #18
Empyre #3 (Of 6)
Empyre: Captain America #1 (Of 3)
Empyre: Savage Avengers #1
Fantastic Four Legends 6-Inch Doctor Doom AF
Iron Man 2020 #5 (Of 6)
Marvel Action Spider-Man (2020) #3 (IDW)
Marvel Avengers: The Falcon Little Golden Book
Marvel Previews Vol. 5 #2 August 2020 Promo
Marvel-Verse GN TP: Captain America
Ms Marvel Meets The Marvel Universe GN TP
Silver Surfer TP: Parable (New Printing)
Spider-Man Noir #2 (Of 5)
Spider-Verse TP: Spider-Zero
Star Wars Darth Vader #3
Star Wars: Rise Of Kylo Ren TP
Symbiote Spider-Man: Alien Reality #5 (Of 5)
X-Factor #1
X-Men #10

Ascender #11
Black Magick #12
Dead Body Road Bad Blood #2 (Of 6)
Die #11 2nd Printing
Hedra (One-Shot)
Image Giant-Sized Artist Proof: Oblivion Song #1
Lost Soldiers #1 (Of 5)
Mirka Andolfo’s Mercy #4 (Of 6)
Nailbiter Returns #3
Pulp HC
Spawn #308
Spawn: Vengeance TP
That Texas Blood #2
Walking Dead: Alien HC
Witchblade #1 25th Anniversary Edition

Firefly #18
Ghosted In La #11 (Of 12)
Giant Days TP Vol. 13
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #52
Ronin Island Tp Vol 2
Wonder Pony Original GN

Critical Role TP Vol. 2: Vox Machina Origins
Disney Pixar Onward: Manticore Tp
Disney’s Moana Little Golden Board Book
Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Path HC
Stranger Things: The Bully GN TP
Stranger Things TP Vol. 3

The Boys: Dear Becky #3
James Bond #6
Red Sonja Vampirella Betty Veronica #12
Vampirella Red Sonja #9

Kill Lock #6 (Of 6)
Pandemica #5 (Of 5)
Sleeping Beauties #2 (Of 10)
TMNT Annual 2020
TMNT Ongoing #107
Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics #5 (Of 7)

Adventure Zone GN Vol. 3: Petals To Metal
Archie #713 (Archie & Katy Keene, Part 4)
Archie Milestones Digest #9
Archie Showcase Digest #1: Archie
Ash & Thorn #3
Baby Sitters Little Sister GN Vol. 2: Karens Roller
Black Stars Above TP Vol. 1
Blade Runner 2019 #8
Bleed Them Dry #2
Capt Underpants Comic Reader #1 Haunted Hackaween
Carlton Crumple Creature Catcher Ya Gn Book 01 Cat
Coco Little Golden Board Book
Dark Ark After Flood #5
Dark Rising Art Of Aly Fell Sc
Disney’s Mulan: Story Of The Movie In Comics Hc
Disney Pixar’s Bao Little Golden Book
Doctor Tomorrow #4 (Of 5)
Eat And Love Yourself Original GN
Ezequiel Himes Zombie Hunter #2 (Of 2)
FCBD 2020 Archie Blue Ribbon Presents
FCBD 2020 Stranger Things & Minecraft
FCBD 2020 The Boys #1
Friday The 13th 1000-Piece Puzzle
Game Trade Magazine #246
Ghostwriter HC
Godkillers #4
Gothic Art Nouveau Art Of Matt Hughes SC
Heathen #11
Hilda’s Sparrow Scout Badge Guide SC
I Am Curious Albert Einstein Board Book
I Am Skeletor Little Golden Book
I Am Strong Rosa Parks Board Book
Kerry And Knight Of The Forest GN
Kiki’s Delivery Service HC Novel
Kona #1
Lumberjanes Beastiary HC
Man And His Cat GN Vol. 2
Phantom Complete Dailies HC Vol. 18 1962-196
Poesy The Monster Slayer Picturebook HC
Pokemon Abc Little Golden Book
POP! Rides MOTU: He-Man On Battle Cat Vinyl Figure
Previews #383 August 2020
Retina GN
Rogue Planet #3
Savage Bastards #4 (Of 5)
Shadow Roads #9
Star Trek Alphabet Book Little Golden Book
Thief Among Trees: Ember Ashes Original GN HC Vol. 1
TMNT: Totally Turtles Little Golden Book
Wayward Legends #1 (White Widow Cover)
Xavier Riddle & Secret Museum SC: I Am Alexander Hamilton
Xavier Riddle & Secret Museum SC: I Am Theodore Roosevelt
Xavier Riddle & Secret Museum SC: We Are The Bronte Sisters


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