Interview: Michael Allred on X-Ray Robot from Dark Horse

X-Ray Robot #1 Michael Allred cover

X-Ray Robot #1 Michael Allred cover

Michael Allred is known to readers as the creator of Madman, the co-creator of iZombie, and for his work on Silver Surfer, X-Statix, Bug! The Adventures of Forager, and much more. Now he brings you his latest creation, the mind blowing X-Ray Robot. Allred took Westfield’s Roger Ash on a whirlwind tour of this new series from Dark Horse. Now we share it with you.

Westfield: What is the genesis of X-Ray Robot?

Michael Allred: I honestly can’t remember.

I’m constantly writing down ideas and concepts, often inspired by dreams. More than I could ever hope to get to, given the average lifespan for Earthlings.

But a few years ago in San Diego I met Daniel Chabon, my Dark Horse editor, and I threw a couple ideas at him. And he really seemed to like X-Ray Robot, and so I moved forward squeezing it into my “Madmaniverse,” where most of my creator-owned characters can run into each other.

Westfield: What can readers look forward to in the book?

Allred: I want to take them on a wild trip, blow their minds and provoke existential thoughts while dragging them through a thrilling adventure.

From X-Ray Robot #1

From X-Ray Robot #1

Westfield: Who are the main characters they’ll meet?

Allred: You’ll meet a group of research scientists and their horrible boss who may inadvertently destroy all existence as we know it. I’ll let the readers meet them in the pages. But the main character, who is connected to the X-Ray Robot, as well as his almost two-hundred-year-old future self, is Dr. Max Wilding.

Westfield: After reading the first issue, I think I’m as baffled as to what’s going on as the characters are. Was that an intentional storytelling technique?

Allred: Absolutely. I want the reader to feel a need to know, and give them that electric sense of discovery as things are revealed. I also hope to inspire contemplation, and exercise their curiosity.

Westfield: I enjoyed the brief glimpses we get of some of the alternate realities. How much world building did you do for the story?

Allred: Worlds upon worlds! I squeezed as much as I could into the four issues.

X-Ray Robot #1 Chris Samnee cover

X-Ray Robot #1 Chris Samnee cover

Westfield: Any closing comments?

Allred: Hang on!


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