Interview: Terry Moore on Abstract Studios’ Five Years

Five Years #1

Five Years #1

Terry Moore is the popular creator of Strangers in Paradise, Rachel Rising, Motor Girl, and more. His new series, Five Years, combines characters from all of his creator-owned series as they face the end of the world. Moore shares some information about this highly anticipated series with Westfield’s Roger Ash.

Westfield: What is the significance of the title?

Terry Moore: Humanity has five years left to live before it sets fire to the atmosphere with a new bomb.

Westfield: What should readers know going in?

Moore: The technology for the bomb was the story in Echo and the reason people figured out how to do it is in the story Rachel Rising. In SIP XXV, the characters from the three series uncover the terrible truth.

Westfield: Will you be introducing any new characters in the series?

Moore: Yes, there are a couple of new characters who play significant roles. It’s a big world.

Westfield: At what point did you decide that your series were connected and did that affect the stories you chose to tell?

Moore: When I finished the SIP miniseries. At first I thought I’d follow it up with a story about their neighbors and just work my way around the block. I decided against it because Katchoo was too interesting to leave behind. By the time I finished the 13 year run on the series I’d introduced so many characters and storylines it just felt natural to assume Echo was happening at the same time in a different state and it could all connect. After that it was just one big tapestry to me.

Westfield: All the main characters in Five Years are formidable. Is it a fun to work with that many strong personalities and how they play against each other?

Moore: Yeah, it’s like a really great band. Everybody in it is fantastic in their own right. I always wanted to be in a great band but it didn’t happen so I made my own.

Westfield: Any closing comments?

Moore: I am so lucky to be able to make comics for a living. I am very grateful to everyone who buys my books. Thank you!


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