Interview: Curt Pires on Dark Horse’s Wyrd

Wyrd #1 Antonio Fuso cover

Wyrd #1 Antonio Fuso cover

Curt Pires is the author of Pop, The Tomorrows, and The Fiction. Now he brings readers Wyrd, the story of a freelance law enforcement operative, who will take on nearly any case – for a fee. Westfield’s Roger Ash contacted Pires to learn more about this upcoming series from Dark Horse.

Westfield: What was the genesis of Wyrd?

Curt Pires: My desire to tell a story that merges and combines the dark yet fun elements of classic film noir / hardboiled detective yarns with the science fiction craziness and myth remixing of something like the X-Files.

Westfield: Who is Pitor Wyrd?

Pires: That’s sort of what the series is about. All we can say right now is he’s a freelancer who solves problems that the government can’t solve for themselves. He puts down monsters.

Westfield: Are there other recurring characters readers will meet in the book?

Pires: Stillman– Wyrd’s handler. And then there’s a ghost character–one of Wyrd’s former friends, who he still likes to party with, who recurs.

Westfield: What can readers look forward to in Wyrd?

Pires: Iconic characters remixed in horrifying ways. Pitor putting them down. More bang for your buck than any other comic.

Wyrd #1 Jeff Lemire cover

Wyrd #1 Jeff Lemire cover

Westfield: You’re working with artist Antonio Fuso. What can you say about your collaboration?

Pires: Antonio is amazing. He brings everything. The book wouldn’t exist without him. His fine expressive ink work, combined with Stefano’s colors, and Micah’s letters help created the world of Wyrd.

Westfield: There seems to be a lot you could do with this concept. Do you have long-term plans for Pitor Wyrd?

Pires: Yep, big plans, but it’s up to readers and amazing retailers like yourself to help us get there. We start seeing glimpses of the future in issue two–and we’ll build towards that as we progress.

Westfield: Any closing comments?

Pires: Thank you so much for supporting our work, and I really hope everyone who reads enjoys!


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