Interview: Cullen Bunn on IDW’s Micronauts

Cullen Bunn is the writer of such comics as The Sixth Gun, Deadpool & the Mercs For Money, Green Lantern: The Lost Army, Magneto, and more. Now, he takes on the classic toy line, the Micronauts, in a new series from IDW. Bunn recently told Westfield’s Roger Ash about this upcoming series.

Micronauts #1 cover by J.H. Williams III

Micronauts #1 cover by J.H. Williams III

Westfield: What attracted you to the series?

Cullen Bunn: Anyone who knows me knows that I have always loved the Micronauts–both the toys and the amazing Marvel comic by Bill Mantlo. I credit Micronauts issue 7 (illustrated by Michael Golden) as the comic that made me fall in love with comics. Way back before I was anywhere close to writing comics professionally, I daydreamed about writing my take on the Micronauts. When it was announced that IDW would be doing the series, I guessed this would be a chance to build my own version of the Micronauts strange microscopic cosmos, and that really appealed to me. It’s a chance to write about these wild toys that I loved while developing a history and universe from the ground up.

Micronauts #1 Subscription Cover A by David Baldeon

Micronauts #1 Subscription Cover A by David Baldeon

Westfield: Who are some of the main characters readers will meet in the series?

Bunn: Old school Micronauts fans will be pleased to see Baron Karza and Force Commander, each representing a ruthless side of a civil war ravaging the universe. They’ll also be seeing Acroyear and Biotron and Microtron. Of course, each of these characters will have a fresh spin on them and a few surprises to be revealed. You don’t have to know anything about these characters to enjoy this comic. Other characters include Oziron Rael, or Oz, the roguish captain of the star ship Heliopolis; Phenelo-Phi, a fun-loving Space Glider; and Larissa, a skilled mercenary with some rad force field technology at her disposal. In addition, you’ll be seeing many guest stars and enemies, some based on toys, some brand new for the comic.

Westfield: What can reader look forward to in the series?

Bunn: This book will feature lots of space-faring action, an epic tale of civil war and cosmic weirdness, magic and super-science. We’ll be seeing these characters develop and grow as they go on wild adventures through a universe that is being unveiled for the first time in the pages of this comic!

Micronauts #1 Subscription Cover B by Gabriel Rodriguez

Micronauts #1 Subscription Cover B by Gabriel Rodriguez

Westfield: Is there a character you’re particularly enjoying writing?

Bunn: I really enjoy all of the characters quite a bit, especially Oz, Larissa, and Phenelo-Phi. That said, the old school Micronauts fan can’t help but get a little excited when writing battle-hardened Acroyear or diabolical, scheming Baron Karza. What’s really great about all of these characters is that even though they are all based on the toy line, I’m defining their histories and personalities from scratch. That’s a slice of awesome for a writer.

Westfield: You’re working with artist David Baldeon on Micronauts. What can you say about your collaboration?

Bunn: I’ve been a fan of David’s work for some time. I’ve tried to wrangle him into working with me on more than one occasion in the past. It must’ve been fate that brought us together on this book. I’m really excited for his designs of these characters and the ships to be revealed. He is doing so much to create the unique look of this universe!

Micronauts #1 Subscription Cover C - Photo Cover

Micronauts #1 Subscription Cover C – Photo Cover

Westfield: Any closing comments?

Bunn: Writing this book is a dream come true, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure readers have the time of their lives reading this series!


Micronauts #1


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