Beauology 101: If You Wish Upon A Star

"I Made A Wish And Got A Cookie...A Very Big Cookie." --Beau Smith

“I Made A Wish And Got A Cookie…A Very Big Cookie.”
–Beau Smith

by Beau Smith

About this time every year we all start to make our Christmas lists. We jot down or type up gifts we’d like to have under our Christmas tree. Sure, we did it as young kids, but even as adults, we still form a list of sorts, even if it’s just one thing, we still make a list.

As for myself, if anything, I make a longer list as an adult than I did as a child. Part of that is because as an adult, born in the mid-1950s, I know that I’m not invincible as I once thought I was as a child. My time on this mortal coil is limited, where I once thought it was endless.

Don’t misunderstand me, there’s nothing wrong; I haven’t gone swimming in the deep end of the pandemic pool, there are no secret ninja assassins stalking my every move, and to my knowledge there aren’t any jealous boyfriends or husbands carving my name on a .45 slug. (Not at the moment.)

You also don’t have to worry that I’ll take this time and space to publish MY 2012 Christmas gift list so YOU will have a much easier way to buy me something really cool and expensive for Christmas..and my birthday, which is December 17th. (Unsubtle hint) What I thought I’d do is share with you my Comic Book Wish List; things I’d like to see happen, done, or attempted within the comic book publishing business. Some I’ll admit may be a little far fetched and others very possible, you decide. I’d also like you to post up a few of your Comic Book Wishes. I’d love to see what kinda things you’d like to see appear within the pages of our beloved comic books. Don’t be shy, let all of us know what’s on your mind. You never know if some big shot in comics is reading this and might be willing to steal your idea and make it happen.

Beau Smith’s Comic Book Wish List:

I Wish……

12 Cent Comics At Their Best!

12 Cent Comics At Their Best!

** All comic books could be 12 cents again for just one month.

** Someone could explain the attraction of Manga to me.

Nexus Omnibus Volume One from Dark Horse Comics

Nexus Omnibus Volume One from Dark Horse Comics

** Everyone that hasn’t would take the time to read the full run of Mike Baron & Steve Rude’s NEXUS. Nexus was truly one of the smartest written and most wonderfully illustrated comic books of all time. With film technology where it is, NOW is the perfect time for Nexus to be a movie.

** Marvel and DC Comics would get aggressive and have writers & artists create new heroes, villains, and supporting characters that could be iconic like the ones that their company’s foundations were built on. Along with that wish I also wish that Marvel and DC would share ownership of these character with the creators.

** Editors at Marvel and DC Comics would unleash Frank Cho, Adam Beechen, and Gail Simone to write character with a sense of humor like they used to before things got all constipated. These three creators are witty, smart, funny folks and they need to be able to share that wit with the Marvel and DC characters we love and could love again.

** That Marvel Comics would do an in-depth series about what Nick Fury did in from after WWII until the start of his days working for S.H.I.E.L.D.

The Fantastic Four-The First Family Of Marvel Comics

The Fantastic Four-The First Family Of Marvel Comics

** That The Fantastic Four would return as THE flagship book for Marvel Comics and new characters could once again be introduced there as they were in the 1960s by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

** That cronyism in comic book hiring would end…except in my case.

** That Neil Gaiman would write a tough guy/action book that gave no hint that he was British and a gentleman.

The President's Vampire By Christopher Farnsworth

The President’s Vampire By Christopher Farnsworth

** That author of THE PRESINDENT’S VAMPIRE novel series, Christopher Farnsworth, was writing comic books and using his incredible talents to make a lot of money for comic book publishers. Trust me, Farnsworth would write some INCREDIBLE comics.

** Marvel artist Scot Eaton’s talents would be recognized by everyone so that they could enjoy his work.

** Arthur Adams would …..just keep doing what he’s doing. Can’t get enough of his art.

** Ed Brubaker had a clone and could keep doing Captain America as well as his great creator owned books.

** That Gabriel Hardman would have a huge art book of his convention and commission sketches published. His work in black and white is brilliant. Reminds me of the great, late Jorge Zaffino.

** That Hollywood would make a TV series or film based on Terry Moore’s amazing and horrific Rachel Rising. It is the most subtly creepy comic book out there.

Hawkeye #7 cover by David Aja.

Hawkeye #7 cover by David Aja.

** More folks would sing the praises of the art work of David Aja of Marvel’s Hawkeye series.

Mars Attacks! IDW Publishing Buy Or Die!

Mars Attacks! IDW Publishing Buy Or Die!

** IDW Publishing all the fun and luck of doing Mars Attacks. From great trading cards to violent fun comic books!

** DC Comics would stop trying to corner the market on heroes with clenched teeth, it’s enamel overload.

** The Green Arrow comic book as much a success as the CW Network’s ARROW TV series.

** Frank Tieri all the best in saving Hawkman from his past…..stories.

** Reading Superman wasn’t like reading bad Marvel Comics from the 90s.

** The Green Lantern related books didn’t remind me of spaghetti that has been dropped on the floor.

** Others would realize that Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray have built a perfect example of a wonderful publishing empire within the pages of All-Star Western.

M.A.R.S. Patrol: Total War

M.A.R.S. Patrol: Total War

** I could bring back M.A.R.S. Patrol: Total War back with new adventures.

** That one day you all will be able to read my B’Wana Beast storyline.

** That starting right now, all of you will have the best holiday season ever!

Your wishful amigo,

Beau Smith

The Flying Fist Ranch



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