Fifth Degree: Random Link Blogging with Commentary

By Josh Crawley

While sometimes there are some noteworthy going-ons in the world of comics, there isn’t really all that much newsworthy. Combine that with my lack of anything else to ramble about this week and it looks like we’re going to be on an adventure of not-so-mythic proportions!

How it works: I’ll pretty much scan some comic book websites, sometimes click on links (and share them with you), and babble a bit about what I see and read!

But before I start (since it’s been lots of places before I got this idea), Scott Pilgrim’s six volumes have been printed in over one million copies total. That’s pretty awesome. Sidebar: I wonder how quick it would take digital sales to reach that number. Even more so, I wonder how it would look on a Kindle or a Nook.

I don’t normally check out because: 1) I find the homepage unpleasant to look at and 2) the sections near the bottom didn’t appear to update for anywhere from six to nine months. Plus, my home desktop is ancient. Since I started this while at work, I figured that was as good a place as any to start our little tour!

Legion Annual #1 Interview

Legion Annual #1 Interview

Well, I still don’t care for the site. The easiest to see item is: “Coming Home” – Giffen & Levitz Talk LEGION ANNUAL #1.  That links to another story (whose link doesn’t work within the interview at this time) titled LEVITZ & GIFFEN Bring LEGION ANNUAL #1. And already I hate browsing this site, so I’m moving on.

Chloe Sullivan

That Legion announcement was first made on DC’s The Source blog, but that’s not loading for me, so we aren’t going to know if there was anything else exciting there I’d be interested in. Of course, after typing that compound sentence it loaded, and there’s a pretty picture right now of Chloe Sullivan! R.B. Silva draws a pretty picture. Let’s hope interiors look that good in-story.

It’s time to head over to I first started reading the site long, long ago (1998), and I still prefer it to many other sites (though plenty of times I get frustrated by parts of it, too). They recently put together their Twitter Hotlist. Basically, it’s a popularity contest based on number of followers. I’ve been as high as #6 on the Letterers Hotlist. If you’re on Twitter and would like to see me overtake the other fine folks on the list, follow me (but not them)! There’s also a nice little bit with Stan Sakai on Usagi Yojimbo’s upcoming deluxe hard covers and some story plans for the ongoing series. There isn’t really too much else there to grab my attention, so let’s move on.

Green Lantern & Star Sapphire

Green Lantern & Star Sapphire

I don’t check out too often, but it probably wouldn’t kill me to. It turns out Blake Lively is playing Carol Ferris. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Gossip Girl, but that’s not something I think I’m interested in seeing. Oh hey, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is filming. It still has Nicholas Cage, and they’re adding 3D?! That’ll save me $15 more dollars.

Yeah, I like Comic Vine. Now it’s time to head over to The Beat, aka

The Invincible Iron Man

The Invincible Iron Man

Matt Fraction won the 2010 PEN Center literary award. See? You should read comic books he writes. Are comic book movies passé? Honestly, I could not care less. Most of them tend to not entertain me as much as I’d like. So maybe I could care a little bit less. Anyways, this grabbed my attention for the lovely image accompanying it. Turns out it’s from some movie called Tamara Drewe, which, as Wikipedia tells me, is “a weekly comic strip serial by Posy Simmonds published in The Guardian‘s Review section. The strip is based upon a modern reworking of Thomas Hardy’s nineteenth century novel Far from the Madding Crowd.” Turns out they’ve made a movie based off of it starring Gemma Arterton (better known to me as Strawberry Fields in Quantum of Solace.

Yes, that Strawberry Fields.

And that seems as good a place as any to pause for the week. I had fun doing this. I may try it again next week. Follow my tweets, email me, check out the Westfield Comics Facebook page, or go Google Gemma Arterton. I know I will be.

Josh Crawley may or may not be the keyboardist for Everclear. He strongly suggests you not bet that he is.


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