Fifth Degree: Marvel Previews #79

by Josh Crawley

Dark Tower: The Gunslinger #1
Dark Tower: The Gunslinger #1
Sean Phillips incorporating aspects of Jae Lee’s style, colored by Richard Isanove? You’ve got to be kidding me if you don’t think that’s amazing! Conveniently, Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born is coming out in soft cover soon.

Galacta: Daughter of Galactus
Galacta: Daughter of Galactus #1
I have to admit, it was Adam Warren’s cover that caught my eye, but then I saw art was by Hector Sevilla Lujan! You may recall his work from the amazingly drawn Lullaby series from years ago. Also, for some of Warren’s most entertaining writing, check out Empowered Volumes 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, and/or Volume 5. If you don’t trust my judgment that much, there’s an inexpensive one-shot, too.

Iron Man: Extremis #1 Directors Cut
Iron Man: Extremis Director’s Cut #1 & #2
As a process junkie, these are right up my alley. If you aren’t, though — or you’re as impatient as I can get at times — check out the Iron Man Extremis hard cover!

X-Men Origins: Emma Frost #1
X-Men Origins: Emma Frost #1
The colors on this cover are amazing, but I’m even more jazzed to know Karl Moline is drawing the interiors! Most people probably recognize his work from Fray and Buffy Season 8, but he also did amazing work on Route 666!

For more Emma Frost greatness, checkout the X-Men: Firestar Digest.

Civil War: Avengers HC
Civil War: Avengers Hard Cover
I’m tempted to buy this for the Casualties of War one-shot and the Civil War: Confession one-shot. If I didn’t already own the Captain America omnibus with the other material I wanted, I’d be buying it for sure. I do plan on buying the Iron Man/Captain America soft cover, however.

Avengers: Red Zone HC
Avengers: Red Zone premiere hard cover
Red Skull-centric story? Check. Gorgeous Oliver Coipel artwork? Check. Written by DC Entertainment’s new Chief Creative Officer? Check. Now would be a great time to get the Avengers: World Trust and Avengers: Standoff premiere hard covers, if you’ve passed them up before now!

Marvel Adventures: Black Widow & Avengers Digest
Marvel Adventures Black Widow & The Avengers digest
All ages Avengers fun featuring the Black Widow? Having flipped through some of the single issues, I can think of worse chances to take on a book.

Iron Man: Armor Wars Prologue
Iron Man Armor Wars II soft cover
I’ve been looking forward to a collection of these stories ever since I started reading comics! It’ll look great on a shelf with the Armor Wars Prologue and Armor Wars soft covers.

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