Howard Chaykin Interview

SEP 01 Product - Howard Chaykin is probably best known as the creator of American Flagg. In his career in comics he has also penned DCís Blackhawk, and recently, with co-writer David Tischman, DCís Secret Society of Super-Heroes and DC/Vertigoís American Century. This month, Chaykin & Tischman, along with artist Philip Bond and cover artist Arthur Adams, give a Vertigo twist to DCís classic characters, Angel & the Ape.

Andi Watson Interview

AUG 01 Product - Andi Watson is the creator of Skeleton Key, Geisha and Breakfast After Noon. His newest book is Slow News Day from Amaze Ink (Slave Labor Graphics).

Joss Whedon Interview

JUL 01 Product - Joss Whedon is best known as the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Heís also written or co-written scripts for films including Alien Resurrection, Titan A.E., and the original Toy Story. This month he sets his sights on comics with Fray from Dark Horse.

Mike Mignola Interview

JUN 01 Product - In his career in comics, Mike Mignola has worked on such diverse projects as DCís Cosmic Odyssey, Marvelís Incredible Hulk, and Topps Comics adaptation of Francis Ford Coppolaís Dracula movie. However, he is best known for his creator-owned character Hellboy, currently published by Dark Horse Maverick. A new Hellboy mini-series, Conqueror Worm begins this month from Dark Horse.

Jill Thompson Interview

JUN 01 Product - In her career in comics, Jill Thompson has drawn DCís Wonder Woman, DC/Vertigoís Sandman, Invisibles and Finals, and more. A few years back, Sirius published her first creator-owned project, Scary Godmother, who has now appeared in 4 hardcovers, 3 specials, and one mini-series. This month, Jill returns to Sirius to tell her longest Scary Godmother story to date. 

Greg Rucka Interview

APR 01 Product - Greg Rucka is the writer of several novels featuring professional bodyguard Atticus Kodiak, the co-writer of Marvels Black Widow: Breakdown, the current writer of DC's Detective Comics, and the creator/writer of Oni Press' Whiteout. His new series, Queen & Country, debuts this month from Oni.

Michael Avon Oeming Interview

MAR 01 Product - Michael Avon Oeming has drawn such comics as Foot Soldiers (Dark Horse), Ship of Fools (Caliber), and Powers (Image). This month, he and Mark Wheatley bring us Hammer of the Gods, a 4-issue mini-series from Insight Studios Group.

Defenders /  Avengers Interview

FEB 01 Product - The Defenders & The Avengers looks at the future of these two super teams with the books' editor, Tom Brevoort, Avengers writer and Defenders co-writer, Kurt Busiek, and new Avengers penciler, Alan Davis. Includes a look at Alan Davis' pencil art for Avengers #38.

Erik Larsen Interview

JAN 01 Product - This month Erik Larsen is the driving force behind Marvel's Fantastic Four: The World's Greatest Comic Magazine.

Steve Englehart Interview

DEC 00 Product - Writer Steve Englehart discusses his new Marvel mini-series, Fantastic Fourís Big Town.

Tony Millionaire Interview

DEC 00 Product - Learn about Dark Horse Maverickís Sock Monkey from creator Tony Millionaire.

Karl Kesel  Interview

NOV 2000 Product - Writer/inker Kesel discusses his work on DC's new Harley Quinn and his ongoing book, Section Zero, published by Image.

Linda Medley Interview

AUG 2000 Product - Linda returns to her Eisner Award-winning creator-owned title, Castle Waiting, which is now published by Cartoon Books.

Jeff Smith Interview

JUL 2000 Product - This month, Bone #38 begins the final act in the Bone saga.

George Pérez Interview

JUL 2000 Product - He relaunches his creator-owned title, Crimson Plague, under the Gorilla imprint at Image.

Chuck Dixon Interview

JUN 2000 Product - Writer Chuck Dixon discusses his newest book from Marvel, Marvel Knights.

Walter Simonson Interview

MAY 2000 Product - Walter Simonson turns his attention to Jack Kirby's Fourth World characters in DC's Orion.

John Ostrander Interview

September 1999 - The writer for Marvel's Blaze of Glory and DC's The Kents speaks.

Peter David Interview

August 1999 - Peter David chronicles the adventures of Dark Horse's SpyBoy

John Wagner Interview

July 1999 - Learn about the new Xena series from Dark Horse.

Mark Smylie Interview

July 1999 - The creator of Sirius' Artesia discusses his book.

Tommy Yune Interview

June 1999 -

Frank Cho Interview

April 1999 - Frank Cho, creator of Liberty Meadows talks about the popular strip.

David Mack Interview

March 1999 - Kabuki creator Mack talks about his upcoming work on Marvel's Daredevil.

James Marsters Interview

February 1999 - Marsters, who plays spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, talks about co-writing Dark Horse's Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike & Dru one-shot.

Devin Grayson Interview

February 1999 - Graysen talks about working on Marvel's Black Widow mini-series.

Mark Crilley Interview

February 1998 - Find out about Crilley's book, Akiko, published by Sirius.

Tom DeFalco Interview

May 1998 - DeFalco introduces us to Marvel's MC2 Universe.

Jerry Ordway Interview

April 1998 - Ordway talks about his work on DC's Power of Shazam!

Colleen Doran

February 1998 - Learn about Doran's A Distant Soil, published by Image.

Fabian Nicieza Online Exclusive

January 1998 - Learn about Nicieza's time at Acclaim Comics.

Steve Gerber

January 1998 - Gerber talks about his Nevada mini-series from DC/Vertigo.

Scott McCloud

November 1997 - Learn about Image's The New Adventures of Abraham Lincoln.

Mark Waid

August 1997 - Waid talks about his work on DC's JLA: Year One and his return to Marvel's Captain America.

Frank Miller

May 1997 - Find out about Miller's Sin City: Family Values TPB from Dark Horse.

Mike W. Barr

April 1997 - Barr discusses the return of The Maze Agency from Caliber.

Bob Burden

March 1997 - Learn about the bizarre super hero known as the Flaming Carrot.

P. Craig Russell

December 1996 - Russell talks about adapting Moorcock's Elric: Stormbringer for Dark Horse as well as upcoming projects.

Beau Smith

November 1996 - Beau "Real Man" Smith talks about his work on DC's Batman/Wildcat and Image's The Tenth & Wynonna Earp.

Stephen R. Bissette

August 1996 - Bissette gives you the scoop on his self published Spider Baby Comics & Tyrant.

Gene Colan

July, 1996 - Comics legend Colan talks about his career and his work on Crawling From the Wreckage.

Stuart Immonen

July, 1996 - Immonen talks about his work on DC's Adventures of Superman & Final Night.

Chance Encounters

June, 1996 - James Robinson and Paul Smith talk about the creation of Homage's Leave it to Chance.

Brent Anderson

May, 1996 - Anderson talks about working on Kurt Busiek's Astro City.

Art Adams

April, 1996 - Adams spills the beans about Monkeyman & O'Brien.

Alex Ross

February, 1996 - Ross talks about DC's Kingdom Come.

Anina Bennett

January, 1996 - Learn about Heartbreakers from co-creator Anina Bennett.

Paul Chadwick

December, 1995 - Chadwick on Concrete: Think Like a Mountain.

Checking in with Stan Lee

October, 1995 - Learn about the Excelsior Comics line from Living Legend, Stan Lee.

Stan Lee looks to the future

October, 1995 - Lee talks about upcoming Marvel film projects.

A Talk with Neil Gaiman

October, 1995 - Gaiman on the end of Sandman.

More Talk with Neil Gaiman

October, 1995 - Gaiman on the 2nd Death mini-series and other projects.