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Image: Simpsons Comics #244 - Bongo Comics
Simpsons Comics #244
(Bongo Comics)

Bart's monkeyshines lead to actual chimp-tastrope, and the bad boy of Springfield finds himself filling in for Mr. Teeny on The Krusty the Clown Show and, literally, making a monkey out of himself.

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.39

Image: Simpsons 2019 Wall Calendar  - Landmark Calendars
Simpsons 2019 Wall Calendar
(Landmark Calendars)

Our fan-favorite calendar features hilarious moments from The Simpsons, the longest running scripted show in television history. The Simpsons has remained groundbreaking and influential now approaching 30 years.

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Simpsons Comics Colossal Compendium Vol. 06 SC  - Bongo Comics

Discover the reason why Homer Simpson seems to have a new job every week. Then, power mad powerbroker Mr. Burns makes a power grab with his newest power-propelled product. And Marge is back on the beat when she teams up with Chief Wiggum to find out why all the donuts in Springfield have gone missing! Throw in Lisa's bout of synesthesia, a McBain matinee, a rapturous event that leaves Ned Flanders behind, and Bart's bilingual battle with a piñata, and you have another comic cornucopia of colossal proportions. And music lovers, look no further for that shiny new saxomaphone or tubamaba with your very own paper construct of King Toot's Music Store.

SRP: $18.99 Your Price: $16.14

Image: Springfield Confidential: A Lifetime Writing for the Simpsons  - Harper Collins Publishers

Four-time Emmy winner Mike Reiss, who has worked on The Simpsons continuously since episode one in 1989, shares stories, scandals, and gossip about working with America's most iconic cartoon family ever. Reiss explains how the episodes are created, and provides an inside look at the show's writers, animators, actors and celebrity guests. In his freewheeling, irreverent comic style, Reiss reflects on his lifetime inside The Simpsons. Springfield Confidential exposes why Matt Groening decided to make all of the characters yellow; dishes on what it's like to be crammed in a room full of funny writers sixty hours a week; and tells what Reiss learned after traveling to seventy-one countries where The Simpsons is watched; and even reveals where Springfield is located!

SRP: $27.99 Your Price: $23.79

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