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Image: Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #22 - Marvel Comics

Inhuman touch! • It's the Guardians Of The Galaxy versus Maximus The Madagain! • In this showdown of showdowns, Star-Lord goes toe-to-toe with the crazy brother of Black Bolt for secrets about the Cosmic Seed! • Will the Guardians ever find the answers they seek?

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.54

Image: Color Your Own Marvel Masters SC  - Marvel Comics

Celebrate the Mighty Marvel Age of Coloring Books with the artistic legends who helped build the House of Ideas! Icons of the field such as Jack Kirby, the unquestioned King of comics, whose boundless imagination populated the emerging Marvel Universe with a cornucopia of colorful, costumed characters - including the Fantastic Four, Avengers and X-Men! His far-out fantasy masterpieces must be seen to be believed! Then there's Sturdy Steve Ditko, who ripped up the super hero rule book with Spider-Man and sent Doctor Strange into a psychedelic kaleidoscope of spellbinding dimensions! The incredible work of Kirby, Ditko and their celebrated contemporaries awaits in crisp black and white - and YOU get to stand on the shoulders of these giants by spreading the hues on some Marvel masterworks!

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Thor Epic Collection: Wrath of Odin SC  - Marvel Comics

A masterpiece of immortal action and boundless drama, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Thor is a cornerstone of the Marvel Universe. And in this Epic Collection, Thor's saga explodes onto the cosmic stage with the debut of Ego, the Living Planet! And the action continues nonstop with the High Evolutionary, Ulik the Troll and the unstoppable Destroyer! Then, Loki conspires to have Odin strip Thor of his power and banish him to Earth. Stranded, Thor must struggle to survive the machinations of his scheming half brother, all while attempting to return to All-Father Odin's good graces! Plus: The return of Lady Sif - and battles against the Growing Man, Replicus, the Super-Skrull and your favorite enchanted-crowbar-wielding galoot, the Wrecker! Collecting Thor (1966) #131-153 and Annual #2.

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $33.99

Image: Color Your Own Thor SC  - Marvel Comics
Color Your Own Thor SC
(Marvel Comics)

Unleash a Rainbow Bridge of color! If ye be worthy, lift your pencils, crayons or markers aloft, and have at page after page of mighty artwork featuring Thor, along with his many friends and foes! Whether it's the original Thunder God himself or Jane Foster, Sif or the Warriors Three, they're all rendered here in black and white, waiting for you to fill in between the lines. But watch out for Loki - he's tricky! From Asgard's gleaming towers to Midgard's city streets, action shots from Marvel's finest artists demand you bring them to life in glorious color - whether you stick to the classic hues or make your own multicolored mythology! Why not a magenta Mjolnir? Or a damson Destroyer? And as for orange? Odin's beard, the possibilities! One thing's for sure: It'll be legendary!

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok - Art of the Movie Slipcase HC  - Marvel Comics

Get an exclusive look at the art and designs behind the Mighty Avenger's newest film in this latest installment of the popular Art Of series of movie tie-in books! A new all-powerful being threatens the destruction of Asgard, but Thor is trapped on the other side of the universe and must race against time to save his civilization. Go behind the scenes with exclusive concept artwork and in-depth analysis from the filmmakers in this keepsake volume, and get insider details about the making of the highly anticipated film!

SRP: $50.00 Your Price: $42.50

Image: Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Digest SC  - Marvel Comics

Your favorite band of cosmic caperers star in adventures for all to enjoy! When the Milano crash-lands near an orphanage, Star-Lord and Gamora discover just how much of a handful children can be! As the ship comes under attack from within, will anyone believe Groot's explanation? A trip to a farming planet turns deadly for Drax - but on another world, which Guardian will be welcomed as the chosen one? Things get animated when the Collector comes a-calling! An alien fungus gives Groot a monstrous growth spurt! And a blast from the past teaches Rocket a thing or two about family! They're the Guardians of the Galaxy - and they're an awesome bunch! Collecting Marvel Universe Guardians Of The Galaxy (2015A) #1-4 (A stories), and Marvel Universe Guardians Of The Galaxy (2015B) #3, #5 and #9.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Incredible Hulk Epic Collection: Hulk Must Die SC  - Marvel Comics

Volume #2 in the Incredible Hulk Epic Collections. Marvel's Green Goliath is pulling no punches! After the cancellation of his debut series, the Incredible Hulk returns in Tales To Astonish - and he means business! Dr. Robert Bruce Banner's alter ego battles General Thunderbolt Ross, the Leader and his Humanoids, the Executioner, and more Communists than you can shake a tank at. And if that's not enough, round two pits the Hulk against Hercules, introduces classic villain the Abomination, dives into the intrigue of the Secret Empire, and goes cosmic with the Silver Surfer and the High Evolutionary! Featuring stories by Stan Lee and art by a who's who of Marvel greats - Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Bill Everett and John Buscema - these are the tales that made the Hulk a global icon! Collecting material from Tales To Astonish (1959) #60-96 and Not Brand Echh #3.

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $31.99

Image: Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #23 - Marvel Comics

Star-Lord returns to earth!Trying to lose the baddies on his tail who want the Cosmic Seed, Peter Quill returns to his home planet - but while hiding out in his hometown, Peter uncovers more information about the mysterious Cosmic Seed, including clues to its final resting place! Guest-starring everyone's favorite talking dog - Cosmo!

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.39

Image: Muppet Babies Omnibus HC  - Marvel Comics
Muppet Babies Omnibus HC
(Marvel Comics)

They're making their dreams come true - and they'll do the same for you! It's all your favorite Muppets, in pint-sized antics from their youth! There'll be adventure! Romance! Great jokes! And more! Like the ghostly tale of the haunted nursery! The fable of Kermit and the Beanstalk! And the quest for the Idol of Doom! The Muppet Babies will be lost in time and lost in space, they'll caper in Story Land and they'll take flight as super heroes! They'll even end up in a comic book! And your favorite fantasy-loving frog will step into the shoes of some of fiction's greatest heroes! Plus: Relive the Muppet Babies' first appearance in an amazing adaptation of The Muppets Take Manhattan! Collecting Muppet Babies #1-26 and Marvel Super Special #32.

SRP: $75.00 Your Price: $63.75

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