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Image: Batman Animated Series ArtFX+ Statue: The Joker  - Koto Inc.

From Kotobukiya. Inspired by the character design from Batman the Animated Series, Batman's infamous nemesis Joker is joining Kotobukiya's ArtFX+ line! Joker's regal posing is befitting of the Clown Prince of Crime, as he stands confidently in his signature hat, grasping the muzzle of the machine gun at his side. Joker comes with three interchangeable face parts depicting his characteristic grin, a sinister plotting expression, and a ticked-off expression. Plus, it includes two bonus face parts (lunacy and disappointment) for the matching Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn ArtFX+ Statue (sold separately). This Statue is made of PVC/ABS and measures roughly 6 1/2-inches tall.

SRP: $59.99 Your Price: $50.99

Image: Batman Animated Series ArtFX+ Statue: Harley Quinn  - Koto Inc.

From Kotobukiya. Finally making her entrance to Kotobukiya's ARTFX+ series is the famous villainess and partner to the Joker, Harley Quinn! Harley holds a pistol in her right hand with her left hand on her hip, peering back at you with a cunning smile. In addition to her classic smile, the statue comes with two interchangeable face parts, including a kissy face and a quizzical expression that allow you to recreate scenes from the animation. Harley's feet are embedded with magnets, allowing you to adjust her placement on the included metal base to display her alongside the Joker ARTFX+ statue! Additionally, Harley will come with two bonus face parts (infuriated and dejected) and an extra set of arms holding playing cards for the ARTFX+ Joker statue!

SRP: $59.99 Your Price: $50.99

Image: Dark Horse Statue: Blacksad on Motorcycle  - Attakus

From Attakus. Blacksad, created by Spanish authors Juan Diaz Canales (writer) and Juanjo Guarnido (illustrator), it is an anthropomorphic noir series, set in 1950s America, centered on eponymous trench-coated private investigator, John Blacksad, a lithe, witty and cynical cat. Featured here on his motorcycle, Triumph, this stunning diorama features parts made from porcelain resin and a motorcycle with real metal parts!

SRP: $399.99 Your Price: $339.99

Image: Nightmare on Elm Street 4 Artfx Statue: Freddy Krueger  - Koto Inc.

From Kotobukiya. The classic villain from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, Freddy Krueger is joining Kotobukiya's ARTFX lineup! Expertly sculpted by Naoya Muto and painted by Franken, this 1/6 scale ARTFX statue is modeled after Freddy's appearance from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. The subtle details in Freddy's wicked smile and posture portray his twisted character. His signature fedora is removable, and the angle of his hands can be adjusted, allowing you to create a variety of poses.

SRP: $129.99 Your Price: $110.49

Image: Defenders Series Artfx+ Statue: Iron Fist  - Koto Inc.

From Kotobukiya. The final entry in the Defenders ARTFX+ series is the one and only Iron Fist, who made his return to New York City after his intensive training in K'un-L'un. Iron Fist's costume is based on the one designed by David Aja for The Immortal Iron Fist, and like the other statues in the ARTFX+ series, Iron Fist has magnets in his feet that allow you to display him firmly on the included metal base. The statue's 1/10 scale makes him perfect for displaying alongside the rest of the Defenders or with Luke Cage to form the original Heroes for Hire.

SRP: $74.99 Your Price: $63.74

Image: Marvel Artfx+ Statue: Cyclops & Beast  (2-Pack) - Koto Inc.

From Kotobukiya. Based on the animated TV series from the 1990's, Kotobukiya presents the Marvel Universe X-Men '92 Cyclops and Beast 2-Pack ArtFX+ Statue! The statue's thorough design and bold paint colors give it a vintage feel, making Cyclops and Beast look like they jumped straight out of the X-Men animated series. The simplistic designs provide the optimal balance of quality and value, and the packaging resembles toy packaging from that era for added nostalgia. The figures do not come with the magnets in their feet or the ArtFX+ metal base.

SRP: $84.99 Your Price: $72.24

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