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Image: Shadow Double-Novel Vol. 128: Shadowed Millions  - Sanctum Productions

The Dark Avenger proves that crime does not pay in classic pulp novels by Walter. B. Gibson and Bruce Elliott. First, a huge investment in a South American country attracts international criminals and corrupt politicians, leading the Dark Avenger to hunt for the "Shadowed Millions." Then, gang violence and gambling madness corrupt a city until The Shadow demonstrates to vicious mobsters that there is "No Safety in Numbers." Plus, "The Chateau of Shadows," a Golden Age of Comics classic by Walter Gibson and Bob Powell.

SRP: $14.95 Your Price: $11.96

Image: Jack Kirby Checklist Centennial Limited Edition HC  - Twomorrows Publishing

The ultimate listing of Jack "King" Kirby's work! With a decade of extensively researched corrections and additions since the 2008 "Gold Edition," this final, fully-updated, definitive Centennial Edition clocks in at double its previous length, in a new 256-page Limited Edition Hardcover of only 1,000 copies to celebrate Kirby's Centennial! In addition to a detailed listing of all of Kirby's published comic book work (with dates, story titles, page counts, and inkers, plus reprints cross-referenced to help collectors locate less-expensive versions of key issues), it documents his work in: Pulp magazines, books, foreign editions, newspaper strips, fine art and collages, periodicals, fanzines, convention booklets, novels and short stories, essays, interviews, speeches and convention panels, art exhibitions, portfolios, posters, calendars, cards, stamps, stickers, radio and television appearances, audio and video recordings, animation, even Jack's unpublished work!

SRP: $34.95 Your Price: $27.96

Image: Doctor Who Complete History Vol. 67: 2nd Doctor Stories HC  - Hachette Partworks

The definitive history of BBC's long-running series Doctor Who continues with this volume on the second Doctor focusing on three stories from seasons 5 and 6: "Fury from the Deep," "The Wheel in Space," and "The Dominators." Illustrated throughout with photographs from the archives and in full-color, this hardcover volume features story summaries, character and actor profiles, pre- and post-production notes, broadcast reaction, and much more.

SRP: $18.99 Your Price: $15.19

Image: Joe Kubert's Tarzan Artist Edition Vol. 03: Tarzan & the Lion Man and Other Stories HC  - IDW Publishing

Collecting the brilliant Joe Kubert's final Tarzan stories in the acclaimed and multi-Eisner Award-winning Artist's Edition format. Including the third Tarzan novel adapted by Joe Kubert, Tarzan and the Lion Man, as well as five additional stories. Includes Tarzan issues 224, 224, 227, 228, 229, 231, 232, 233, and 234. Featuring Kubert's masterful handling of Edgar Rice Burroughs classic creation-this is truly as good as comics get!

SRP: $125.00 Your Price: $106.25

Image: DC Comics: The Art of Darwyn Cooke SC  - DC Comics

This beautiful book features the distinctive style of Eisner Award-winning writer/artist Darwyn Cooke, dating back to 1985's Talent Showcase #19, and stories from Batman: Gotham Knights, Legion Worlds, JSA All Stars, Jonah Hex and more, plus dozens of covers! This new trade paperback edition adds over twenty covers not collected in the Graphic Ink: The DC Comics Art Of Darwyn Cooke hardcover!

SRP: $29.99 Your Price: $25.49

Image: Mike Hammer: Will to Kill PB  - Titan Books

Taking a midnight stroll along the Hudson River, Mike Hammer gets more than he bargained for: a partial corpse on an ice floe. The body is that of a butler to a millionaire-also now deceased. Were both master and servant murdered? Captain Pat Chambers thinks so. But to prove it Hammer must travel to upstate New York to investigate the dead man's family, all of whom have a motive for murder. The new Mike Hammer tale by masters of the hardboiled genre Mickey Spillane and Max Allan Collins. Over 225 million copies of Spillane's books have sold internationally since first being published in 1947. He was the bestselling mystery writer of the 20th century (even out-selling Agatha Christie). Mike Hammer is his most famous creation and the precursor to characters like James Bond, Dirty Harry and Jack Bauer. "Mike Hammer is an icon of our culture." The New York Times.

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $6.39

Image: DC Comics Variant Covers Complete Visual History  (Cho PX edition) - Insight Editions

A PREVIEWS Exclusive! For the first time ever, explore the complete visual history of DC Comics variant comic book covers in this amazing collection, with an exclusive cover art by Frank Cho. DC Comics cover art is some of the most celebrated in the world, from the first appearance of Superman in Action Comics #1 to the iconic covers that adorn classics such as Batman: The Killing Joke and Watchmen. Now you can explore the world of these alternative works of art with DC Comics Variant Covers: The Complete Visual History, which showcases some of the finest and most famous variant covers ever produced, with insight into the design process from leading comic artists and industry experts. Featuring an astounding collection of covers featuring DC Comics' remarkable characters, DC Comics Variant Covers: The Complete Visual History is the perfect gift for casual fans and comic book aficionados alike. Featured artists include Jock, Adam Hughes, Jim Lee, Alex Ross, Frank Miller, Neal Adams, Darwyn Cooke, Dave Johnson, Mike Allred, Dan Panosian, and Brian Bolland.

SRP: $45.00 Your Price: $36.00

Image: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: 2 Fuzzy, 2 Furious HC  - Hachette Book Group Usa

Doreen Green, age fourteen, is a little too busy wiping out crime in her suburban New Jersey neighborhood to focus on her overdue homework. That's because she also happens to be Squirrel Girl, a bushy-tailed, squirrel-powered Super Hero! After foiling the nefarious plot of an amateur Super Villain, Squirrel Girl is finally finding her groove - and group texting with the Avengers, like, all the time. Doreen, on the other hand, is still trying to navigate friendships, evil teachers, and all the pitfalls that come with middle school. There's a new mall opening on the border of Shady Oaks and neighboring town Listless Pines, and they all get to vote on the mall's mascot! Soon the two towns are at war; even the trusty Squirrel Scouts are going berserk. Is there something sinister at work in Shady Oaks? And will Squirrel Girl be able to unleash the furry paws of justice in time to save the day?

SRP: $13.99 Your Price: $11.19

Image: Doctor Who: Day She Saved the Doctor HC  - Penguin Group (Uk)

A new collection of stories for 2018, all written by female authors and starring four of the Doctor's most brilliant companions. Four fantastic new adventures with the Doctor, starring Rose, Sarah Jane, Clara, and Bill. Written by Jenny Colgan, Jacqueline Rayner, Dorothy Koomson and Susan Calman, these stories are a celebration of the Doctor's fantastic female friends, packed with heroic action and heart for fans of all ages!

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $11.99

Image: Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen HC  - Penguin Group (Uk)
Doctor Who and the Krikkitmen HC
(Penguin Group (Uk))

Intergalactic war? That's just not cricket... or is it? The Doctor promised Romana the end of the universe, so she's less than impressed when what she gets is a cricket match. But then the award ceremony is interrupted by eleven figures in white uniforms and peaked skull helmets, wielding bat-shaped weapons that fire lethal bolts of light into the screaming crowd. The Krikkitmen are back. Millions of years ago, the people of Krikkit learned they were not alone in the universe, and promptly launched a xenophobic crusade to wipe out all other life-forms. After a long and bloody conflict, the Time Lords imprisoned Krikkit within an envelope of Slow Time, a prison that could only be opened with the Wicket Gate key, a device that resembles - to human eyes, at least - an oversized set of cricket stumps. From Earth to Gallifrey, from Bethselamin to Devalin, from Krikkit to Mareeve II to the far edge of infinity, the Doctor and Romana are tugged into a pan-galactic conga with fate as they rush to stop the Krikkitmen gaining all five pieces of the key. If they fail, the entire cosmos faces a fiery retribution that will leave nothing but ashes.

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $15.99

Image: Doctor Who Complete History Vol. 66: 11th Doctor Stories  (209-211) HC - Hachette Partworks

The definitive history of BBC's long-running series Doctor Who continues with this volume on the eleventh Doctor focusing on three stories from Series 5: " The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood," "Vincent and the Doctor," and "The Lodger." Illustrated throughout with photographs from the archives and in full-color, this hardcover volume features story summaries, character and actor profiles, pre- and post-production notes, broadcast reaction, and much more.

SRP: $18.99 Your Price: $15.19

Image: Serenity Handbook: Crew Members Guide to Firefly HC  - Insight Editions

The Firefly-class transport ship was originally created by the Allied Spacecraft Corporation, but since the Browncoats' Independence War, it has become a favorite among smugglers on the Rim worlds. The aircraft's many nooks, crannies, and hidden compartments give it an incredible cargo capacity, and its speed and small size make it the perfect getaway vehicle. The many secrets of Serenity are revealed in this fascinating crew-created owner's manual, which features in-depth technical specifications and insightful commentary from the entire crew. Designed as an in-world crew-made manual for the ship, this book will allow fans of Firefly and Serenity to explore the iconic Firefly-class Series 3 ship in a whole new way.

SRP: $29.99 Your Price: $23.99

Image: Complete Carl Barks Index  (Large Print edition) - Kim Weston

This book is a comprehensive index and concordance of all Carl Barks' comic book work. It is keyed to the original comic books, and reprints in Another Rainbow's The Carl Barks Library, Craig Yoe's The Carl Barks Big Book of Barney Bear, and Kim Weston's The Unavailable Carl Barks (in color). In addition to comic book work, it includes information on paintings, storyboard and animation drawings, model sheets, and drawings for fans, among other things as published in The Carl Barks Library. Each of the over 29,000 data entries in the Index includes reference to the original USA comic book publications, with comic book title, issue, and story page numbers. It also includes reference to The Carl Barks Library publication including set, volume, and page reference, as well as submission dates, based on Carl Barks' personal work records and similar title and page references for the other two books. Information has also been included to make the Index useful even with other reprints in addition to the original comic books and these three book reprintings. The Complete Carl Barks Index LARGE PRINT INDEX EDITION is 548 pages. The regular and LARGE PRINT editions are identical in content except for the print size and formatting of the Index portion of the book. Both include over a dozen chapters of introductory, background, and historical material, and topics of special interest.

SRP: $39.95 Your Price: $31.96

Image: Drawn to Purpose: American Women Illustrators & Cartoonist  - University Press of Mississipp

Published in partnership with the Library of Congress, Drawn to Purpose: American Women Illustrators and Cartoonists presents an overarching survey of women in American illustration, from the late nineteenth into the twenty-first century. Martha H. Kennedy brings special attention to forms that have heretofore received scant notice-cover designs, editorial illustrations, and political cartoons-and reveals the contributions of acclaimed cartoonists and illustrators, along with many whose work has been overlooked.

SRP: $50.00 Your Price: $40.00

Image: Sarah's Scribbles: Herding Cats SC  - Andrews Mcmeel

Sarah valiantly struggles with waking up in the morning, being productive, and dealing with social situations. Sarah's Scribbles is the comic strip that follows her life, finding humor in living as an adulting introvert that is at times weird, awkward, and embarrassing.

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $11.99

Image: Samurai Rising: Epic Life of Minamoto Yoshitsune SC  - Random House

A samurai fights for honor and survival in a real-life Game of Thrones. Stirring narrative nonfiction recounts the rise of Minamoto Yoshitsune from seemingly doomed infant to immortal warrior-hero (and one of the most famous samurai in Japanese history). Acclaimed author Pamela S. Turner delivers all the drama, romance, and tragedy of the original story - with delightfully dry wit and a healthy dose of modern perspective. Gorgeous ink paintings by celebrated graphic-novelist Gareth Hinds complete this irresistible package.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $7.99

Image: Pathfinder Adventure Path: War for the Crown  (Part 2 of 6) - Paizo Inc

As newly-appointed agents in Taldor's escalating struggle for succession, the heroes must help their Princess Eutropia build a power base by reclaiming her family's land from squatters-the debased Lotheed family, who feast as their subjects starve and their infrastructure crumbles. Can the heroes infiltrate the high-society of Meratt County through its extravagant balls and tournaments, while secretly undermining Count Bartelby Lotheed's authority, or will their clandestine attempts to repair the damage done and woo allies ultimately lead them to the headsman's blade?

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $19.99

Image: Jem & the Holograms Covers Treasury Edition Vol. 02  - IDW Publishing

A second volume of the covers treasury edition, featuring OUTRAGEOUS covers from the Dark Jem arc and beyond!

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $6.39

Image: Color Your Own Avengers SC  - Marvel Comics

And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves uncolored, without their common palette! On that day, the Avengers were adorned - with all the hues no single super hero could withstand! Through these pages, their roster prospers, changing many times, but their glory will never be denied! Heed the call, then - for now, you Artists Assemble! Yes, your big moment is here. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Falcon and more take action in beautiful black-and-white illustrations by some of Marvel's finest talents from across the eras! They're just waiting for you to enter the fray - so grab your full lineup of markers, pencils or crayonsand unleash an Avengers world of color!

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Bad Times Book 04: Helldorado PB  -

They left a man behind. 100,000 years behind.Another chapter in the popular time travel thriller series Bad Times by bestselling author Chuck Dixon. Lee, Jimbo and the rest of the hard-fighting Rangers go back to prehistoric Nevada to find the man they left behind on their first mission. This epic quest brings them into dangerous encounters with giant predators long extinct. But the most dangerous of all these animals is man. Back in the present, one of their team is abducted by a mysterious billionaire seeking to grow his fortunes with the use of the scientific miracle known as the Tauber Tube. Also, their benefactor from the future shares a startling secret.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Bad Times Book 03: Avenging Angels PB  -

FIVE AGAINST AN EMPIRE. They travel to the past to save the future. To fix a man-made paradox that threatens to alter mankinds destiny forever, the Rangers must defy the legions of Rome at the height of their power. Their mission is to rescue one man from slavery in order to free the world. An adventure that spans two millennia takes them from the days of the Caesars to the siege of a city in the path of total war to a nightmare world of a possible future in which civilization is reduced to an anthill. It all comes down to them as they become Avenging Angels.Chuck is a damn good writer who is really good at hooking you, giving you fun characters, and telling you one hell of an adventure story.Larry Correia, Monster Hunters International, the Grimoir Chronicles

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Bad Times Book 02: Blood Red Tide PB  -

Treasure is when you find it. The Rangers have returned from the prehistoric past to findthemselves in an even more dangerous time---the present.Being on the run takes money. On the run from the richestman in the world takes millions.From a forgotten cave in the Nevada desert to thepirate-infested seas of the ancient world, the Rangers huntfor treasure lost to time. The travelers to the past findonce again that history is not what it seems and the futureis always in doubt.

SRP: $9.99 Your Price: $8.49

Image: Art of Metal Gear Solid I-IV HC  - Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse proudly presents a collection twenty years in the making, translated to English for the first time. With concept, weapon, and character art from Hideo Kojima's celebrated tactical espionage classics: Metal Gear Solid, MGS2: Sons of Liberty, MGS3: Snake Eater, MGS4: Guns of the Patriots, and MGS: Peace Walker. o Celebrating the career of video game auteur Hideo Kojima and the visionary art of Yoji Shinkawa! o The perfect companion to Dark Horse's The Art of Metal Gear Solid V! o Two-volume set in a designer slipcase.

SRP: $79.99 Your Price: $63.99

Image: Lone Wolf & Cub Gallery Edition HC  - Dark Horse Comics

Kazuo Koike's samurai epic is a tour-de-force of graphic fiction, and the Lone Wolf and Cub Gallery Edition features selections of the late Goseki Kojima's spectacular illustration reproduced at original size on heavy-stock art paper to preserve the work in detail as it exists today, as close as one can come to owning these rarest of artworks. Including in its entirety the final titanic clash between ?gami Itt? and Yagy? Retsud?. This deluxe volume is a must have for collectors and enthusiasts of the finest comic art ever created. o Reproduced from high-resolution scans at original size from the original art created over forty years ago! o Accompanied by corresponding reproductions in English.

SRP: $99.99 Your Price: $79.99

Image: Perfect Blue: Awaken from Dream Light Novel  - Seven Seas Entertainment LLC
Perfect Blue: Awaken from Dream Light Novel
(Seven Seas Entertainment LLC)

For the first time in English, never-before-published stories from the Perfect Blue universe! Delve deeper into the dark underbelly of super-stardom, where fame comes at a steep price. In this sequel anthology to the hit psychological thriller, Perfect Blue, creepy fans thrust their idols into struggles of life and death. Gruesome body switches, bloody fan letters, and a stalker in a terrifying rabbit costume - it's a life of fame and misfortune that lies in wait for these hapless pop stars.

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $11.99

Image: Dishonored: Return of Daud PB  - Titan Books

Daud - traitor and assassin - has returned to Dunwall, a city shaken by the overthrow of Empress Emily Kaldwin. He is seeking a mythical weapon, said to have the power to kill the Outsider, and will go to any lengths to find it. But there are those who are watching his every move. Travelling the Isles to complete his mission, Daud will soon discover that old enemies have been waiting for him, and new enemies are easy to make... Dishonored was the biggest launch of an original game in 2012, and sold 3/4 of a million units in less than a month. This novel will weave into the storyline of Dishonored 2, and will be official canon. A rich setting in an industrial steampunk version of Victorian London. Author Adam Christopher is a huge fan of Dishonored, and worked closely with the game development team to tie the novels directly into the game's canon

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $6.39

Image: Pacific Rim Uprising Official Movie Novelization PB  - Titan Books

It has been ten years since The Battle of the Breach and the oceans are still, but restless. Vindicated by the victory at the Breach, the Jaeger program has evolved into the most powerful global defense force in human history. The PPDC now calls upon the best and brightest to rise up and become the next generation of heroes when the Kaiju threat returns.

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $6.39

Image: Vinyl Detective: Written in Dead Wax PB  - Titan Books

He is a record collector - a connoisseur of vinyl, hunting out rare and elusive LPs. His business card describes him as the "Vinyl Detective" and some people take this more literally than others. Like the beautiful, mysterious woman who wants to pay him a large sum of money to find a priceless lost recording on behalf of an extremely wealthy, yet shadowy, client. So begins a painful and dangerous odyssey in search of the rarest jazz record of them all A brand-new mystery series featuring the Vinyl Detective - where the search for a valuable record so often leads to murder... "An irresistible blend of murder, mystery and music" Ben Aaronovitch. "The Vinyl Detective is one of the sharpest and most original characters I've seen for a long time." David Quantick. Appeal for fans of Colin Bateman, Malcolm Price, Declan Burke, Nick Hornby and Robert Lewis

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $6.39

Image: Relics PB  - Titan Books
Relics PB
(Titan Books)

Beneath the surface of our world, mythological creatures still exist-people pay fortunes for a sliver of dragon bone, an angel's wing. Angela Gough is a criminology student whose fiancé Vince disappears. Her investigation leads her into a black market of arcane relics. Mary Rock is a criminal who also wants to find Vince, to kill him. Angela and her team must stop this horrific trade, yet they face a growing menace as the creatures begin to fight back. Tim Lebbon is an author who increasingly is becoming associated with Titan, thanks to his tie-in novels (especially Alien) and originals (incl. Coldbrook). Tim has a short story that has been filmed with star Nicholas Cage, a Star Wars novel to his credit, and an Alien-Predator trilogy for Titan. He was a New York Times bestseller with the adaptation of the film 30 Days of Night. This trilogy of tightly inter-related dark fantasies builds upon Tim's skills as a horror writer, and will build the Relics series into a brand of its own. Tim is a regular blogger and tweeter, and has won both the Bram Stoker and British Fantasy Award.

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $6.39

Image: Netherspace PB  - Titan Books
Netherspace PB
(Titan Books)

Contact with an alien race, the Gliese, has been made, but communication is impossible. There is trade, but on seemingly inexplicable terms; anti-gravity technology was traded for a bicycle tyre. As we begin to colonize the stars, we're still dependant on the mysterious aliens who we still do not understand. It falls upon the unlikely team of a conceptual artist, Marc, and assassin, Kara, to embark on a mission that will unearth the mystery of the Gliese. Commercial, inventive epic space opera trilogy. Written by highly successful author and well-known journalist. Andy Lane has written Dr Who and Torchwood novels and has strong links with the SFF and crime community, including Dan Abnett and Charlie Higson. Will appeal to fans of Elizabeth Moon, Anne Leckie, Rachel Bach, James S. A. Corey, Adam Roberts, Michael Cobley, Frank Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, and the Star Wars and Star Trek universes.

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $6.39

Image: Off Rock PB  - Titan Books
Off Rock PB
(Titan Books)

In the year 2778, Jimmy Vik is feeling dissatisfied. After busting his back for assorted interstellar mining outfits for close to two decades, downsizing is in the wind, his ex-girlfriend/supervisor is climbing up his back, and daily Jimmy wonders if he's played his last good hand. So when Jimmy stumbles upon a significant gold pocket during a routine procedure on Kardashev 7-A, he believes his luck may have changed-larcenously so. But smuggling the gold "off rock" won't be easy.

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $6.39

Image: Art of Secret World of Arrietty HC  - Viz Media LLC

Co-founded by the legendary filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli films have enthralled and enchanted audiences across the world. The Art of series gives fans the opportunity to follow their favorite film from initial concept to the silver screen, thanks to hundreds of sketches, concept drawings, and animation cels, plus in-depth interviews with the creators.

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $27.99

Image: Posterspy Alternative Movie Poster Collection HC  - Schiffer Publishing

Way before the advent of social networks, the first, and sometimes only, visual contact you may have had with a movie was its poster. This book pays tribute to the artists who celebrate the era when cinematographic posters made us dream. Presented by ARTtitude, this collaboration features the contemporary work of 58 different artists from the PosterSpy art community, one of the most influential groups devoted to alternative posters. The nearly 300 posters presented here cover a diverse range of genres and eras, from pop culture favorites like Star Wars and Goonies to the Wes Andersen filmography to horror and sci-fi classics. Each piece reveals intensely creative and detailed representations of films that ask the viewer to see the film in a new way.

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $27.99

Image: Goldmine 45 RPM Record Price Guide  (8th edition) - Fw Media

With an easy-to-use format organized alphabetically by artists and featuring 80,000 records and labels covering nearly 70 years of music that changed the world forever, Goldmine 45 RPM Records Price Guide is the only identification and price guide on the market dedicated to 'the little record with the big hole.'

SRP: $28.99 Your Price: $23.19

Image: Comics of Charles Schulz: Good Grief of Modern Life SC  - University Press of Mississipp

An unparalleled gathering of research devoted to one of the world's most influential comic strips, The Comics of Charles Schulz collects new essays on the work of the creator of the immensely popular Peanuts comic strip. Despite Schulz's celebrity, few scholarly books on his work and career have been published. This collection serves as a foundation for future study not only of Charles Schulz (1922-2000) but, more broadly, of the understudied medium of newspaper comics.

SRP: $25.00 Your Price: $20.00

Image: Comics of Herge: When the Lines Are Not So Clear SC  - University Press of Mississipp

As the creator of Tintin, Hergé (1907-1983) remains one of the most important and influential figures in the history of comics. When Hergé, born Georges Prosper Remi in Belgium, emerged from the controversy surrounding his actions after World War II, his most famous work leapt to international fame and set the standard for European comics. While his style popularized what became known as the "clear line" in cartooning, this edited volume shows how his life and art turned out much more complicated than his method.

SRP: $30.00 Your Price: $24.00

Image: Complete Carl Barks Index SC  - Kim Weston

This book is a comprehensive index and concordance of all Carl Barks' comic book work. It is keyed to the original comic books and reprints in Another Rainbow's The Carl Barks Library, Craig Yoe's The Carl Barks Big Book of Barney Bear, and Kim Weston's The Unavailable Carl Barks (in color). In addition to comic book work, it includes information on paintings, storyboard and animation drawings, model sheets, and drawings for fans, among other things as published in The Carl Barks Library. Each of the over 29,000 data entries in the Index includes reference to the original USA comic book publications, with comic book title, issue, and story page numbers. It also includes reference to The Carl Barks Library publication including set, volume, and page reference, as well as submission dates, based on Carl Barks' personal work records and similar title and page references for the other two books. The regular and Large Print are identical in content except for the print size and formatting of the Index portion of the book. Both include over a dozen chapters of introductory, background and historical material, and topics of special interest.

SRP: $34.95 Your Price: $27.96

Image: Justice League Classic: Race to Save the Day SC  - Harper Collins Publishers

When The Flash and Superman decide to race each other around the world, they don't let the evil villains creating mayhem along the way slow them down. Because the Justice League is there to help! From Metropolis to China and everywhere in between, this Super Hero team is always quick to come to the rescue. Starring Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Cyborg, this action-packed 8" x 8" storybook joins the highly successful program of DC Comics titles for young readers. A must-have for super hero fans!

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.19

Image: Marvel Superhero Adventure: Sand Trap SC  - Marvel Press

Spider-Man is back in an all-new, all-ages adventure, and it's no picnic! After the Sandman robs a bank and makes a Central Park playground his hideout, the web-slinger enlists the help of the Super Hero known as Squirrel Girl. But even with Squirrel Girl's special forces joining the battle, the Sandman refuses to be swept aside. It's monkey bars, metal slides and mayhem in this latest offering from Marvel's Super Hero Adventures early chapter book series.

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Sonic & Tales of Deception SC  - Random House Books For Young R
Sonic & Tales of Deception SC
(Random House Books For Young R)

Delight in new tales of adventure featuring the world's fastest and most famous Hedgehog hero, Sonic! Sonic may be the fastest hero in the world, but he's got to keep moving to stay ahead of Dr. Eggman's evil plots! This set of three original short stories with full color illustrations is the perfect introduction to one of the most beloved video game characters of all time and a must-have title for long-time fans eager for new content!

SRP: $6.99 Your Price: $5.59

Image: Sonic the Hedgehog Mad Libs SC  - Random House Books For Young R
Sonic the Hedgehog Mad Libs SC
(Random House Books For Young R)

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog will love filling in the blanks of this Mad Libs, with stories all about one of the most iconic, spiky-haired animated characters of all time! It doesn't matter if you're 8 or 38: there's no denying that Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the coolest animated characters of all time! Our Mad Libs immortalizes Sonic with 21 fill-in-the-blank stories all about Sonic and his many thrilling adventures!

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Welcome to the World of Sonic SC  - Random House Books For Young R
Welcome to the World of Sonic SC
(Random House Books For Young R)

Get a crash course in all things Sonic the Hedgehog in this introductory handbook, featuring a sheet of stickers from the world of Sonic! Everyone knows that Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest hero in the world! He has thwarted Dr. Eggman's evil schemes time and time again with his supersonic speed and cool blue spikes. But what else should you know about the world of Sonic? Learn all about Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and the rest of Sonic's gang, and get to know the stories behind some of Sonic's greatest victories. This handbook is the perfect introduction to one of the most beloved video game characters of all time!

SRP: $7.99 Your Price: $6.39

Image: Class Novel: What She Does Next Will Astound You HC  - Harper Teen

Everyone at Coal Hill School has become obsessed with completing exciting dares posted on a strange new website, run by the charismatic vlogger Seraphin. Soon the challenges become more dangerous and competitive, yet even broken arms and fistfights don't stop the craze for them. And then students start to disappear As April's fragile group of friends starts to fracture, she decides she's going to uncover the truth behind this site herself. Whatever it takes, whomever she hurts, April's going to win. But then, to her horror, she wakes up and finds her whole world is changed. What she does next will astound you.

SRP: $17.99 Your Price: $14.39

Image: Doctor Who Audio CD: 1st Doctor Adventures Vol. 01  - Big Finish

Starring David Bradley as the first Doctor (reprising his role from the Doctor Who Christmas Special, "Twice Upon a Time), with Jemma Powell as Barbara Wright, Jamie Glover as Ian Chesterton, Claudia Grant as Susan, and James Dreyfus as The Master. Return to the earliest days of Doctor Who with the first Doctor in two new adventures: "The Destination Wars" by Matt Fitton and "The Great White Hurricane" by Guy Adams.

SRP: $58.99 Your Price: $47.19

Image: Doctor Who Audio CD: 5th Doctor - Ghost Walk  - Big Finish

Starring Peter Davison as the fifth Doctor, with Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, and Matthew Waterhouse. A walking tour guide meets a ghost who says her tour is being used to bring a terrible being into our world. Before he died, the ghost was known as the Doctor.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $19.99

Image: Oracle Year Novel HC  - Harper Collins Publishers
Oracle Year Novel HC
(Harper Collins Publishers)

From bestselling comic-book franchise writer Charles Soule comes a clever and witty first novel of a twentysomething New Yorker who wakes up one morning with the power to predict the future. When an unassuming Manhattan bassist named Will Dando awakens from a dream one morning with 108 predictions about the future in his head, he rapidly finds himself the most powerful man in the world. Protecting his anonymity by calling himself the Oracle, he sets up a heavily guarded Web site with the help of his friend Hamza to selectively announce his revelations. He's also making a lot of high-powered enemies, from the President of the United States and a nationally prominent televangelist to a warlord with a nuclear missile and an assassin grandmother. With only a handful of people he can trust, it's all Will can do just to survive, elude exposure, and protect those he loves long enough to use his knowledge to save the world.

SRP: $21.99 Your Price: $17.59

Image: Marvel 1000 Dot to Dot Book - Avengers  - Thunder Bay Press

Best-selling dot-to-dot artist Thomas Pavitte is back at it again with 20 more complex puzzles based on the finest comic art from Marvel's The Avengers. In this entertaining book, you'll join your favorite super heroes for hours of fun as you connect the dots in each intricately designed puzzle, and then when the last dot is connected, you can color in the scene and frame the completed artwork on your wall. Each page is perforated, so removing them from the book is easy as one, two, three. Includes puzzles featuring Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, and more!

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $11.99

Image: Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts SC  - 3D Total Publishing

In Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts, we have gathered together 50 talented artists to showcase work from their sketchbooks, share inspirations, and give insight in to how they create imaginative and dark illustrations. This book is a collection of beautifully macabre sketches with plenty of useful tips and creative insights, an invaluable resource that will inspire artists of all abilities.

SRP: $29.99 Your Price: $23.99

Image: Instinct for Cooperation: Conversation with Chomsky GN  - Seven Stories Press

A graphic novel that brings Chomsky's political analysis to bear on people's stories. The Instinct for Cooperation balances those stories of struggle with conversations the author has had with Chomsky on how best to understand them. This book offers a perspective on current issues, while providing a contribution to the understanding of Chomsky's political theories.

SRP: $13.95 Your Price: $11.16

Image: Star Trek: Next Generation - Cats HC  - Chronicle Books

The cats are back in their continuing mission: to boldly go where no feline has gone before. This companion to the bestselling Star Trek Cats brings the many adventures of Star Trek: The Next Generation to life in a faithfully feline homage to the hit series. From encounters with the Borg to adventures on the holodeck, Captain Picard and the rest of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D crew are reimagined as cats with lovingly detailed and eyebrow-raising scenes from throughout the award-winning series, perfect for Star Trek fans across the Alpha Quadrant.

SRP: $14.95 Your Price: $11.96

Image: Star Wars: Last Jedi HC  - Del Rey

The official novelization of the highly anticipated movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi, coming to theaters nationwide December 15, 2017. Rey continues her epic journey with Finn, Poe, and Luke Skywalker in this thrilling novelization of the film.

SRP: $28.99 Your Price: $23.19

Image: Star Wars: Droids Mad Libs SC  - Random House Books For Young R
Star Wars: Droids Mad Libs SC
(Random House Books For Young R)

A Mad Libs starring R2-D2, C-3P0, BB-8, and all the other charming, heroic, loveable droids from the Star Wars franchise! Some Star Wars fans argue that the true heroes of the films aren't actually Luke, Leia, or Obi-Wan; the real heroes are the droids! If you're a fan of R2-D2, C-3P0, and BB-8, then this is the Mad Libs for you! Star Wars Droids Mad Libs features 21 stories inspired by all the films of the Star Wars Saga and all the droids that you know and love. It's a whole new way to interact with your favorite Star Wars characters!

SRP: $4.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Star Wars: Forces of Destiny - Rey Chronicles Chapterbook  - Disney Lucasfilm Press

The choices we make, the actions we take, the moments-both big and small-shape us into Forces Of Destiny! This chapter book, based on the all-new animated micro-series spotlighting some of Star Wars' greatest heroes, features three exciting stories about the scavenger-turned-Resistance hero, Rey!

SRP: $5.99 Your Price: $4.79

Image: Star Wars: Last Jedi Storybook HC  - Disney Lucasfilm Press
Star Wars: Last Jedi Storybook HC
(Disney Lucasfilm Press)

An illustrated picture book that retells Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $13.59

Image: Warhammer Prose Novel: Spear of Shadows SC  - Black Library

In the beginning, there was fire. And from that fire came eight weapons of terrible power, honed to a killing edge by the chosen weaponsmiths of Khorne. Now, as the Mortal Realms echo with the thunder of war, the great powers seek to acquire the eight wherever they might be found, no matter the cost. In a city of prophecy and secrets, Grungni, smith-god of the duardin, gathers together a group of mortal warriors from across the realms in order to locate the first of the eight weapons. But they are not alone in their quest; agents of the Ruinous Powers search for the weapon for themselves. Now the race is on, as man, duardin and daemon alike seek to claim the Spear of Shadows.

SRP: $16.00 Your Price: $12.80

Image: Warhammer 40K Prose Novel: Ashes of Prospero SC  - Black Library

Goaded by the shade of the long dead sorcerer Izaak, High Runepriest Njal Stormcaller gathers together a disparate warband of Space Wolves to brave the Great Rift and return to the ruins of Prospero. If Izaak is to be believed, a force of the lost Thirteenth Company remains trapped within the old, labyrinthine city of Tizca, and if Njal can free them then he will not only be rid of the sorcerer but he will also rescue his ancient brothers. But the Thousand Sons still linger in the ashes of their former world as well as other, darker adversaries, and they will not allow the Wolves to pass through without a fight.

SRP: $16.00 Your Price: $12.80

Image: Warhammer 40K Prose Novel: Cadia Stands SC  - Black Library

Under almost constant besiegement by the daemonic hosts pouring from the Eye of Terror, Cadia stands as a bulwark against tyranny and death. Its fortresses and armies have held back the hordes of Chaos for centuries, but that grim defiance is about to reach its end. As Abaddon's Thirteenth Black Crusade batters Cadia's defences and the armies of the Imperium flock to reinforce this crucial world, a terrible ritual long in the making comes to fruition, and the delicate balance of this brutal war shifts. From the darkness, a hero rises to lead the beleaguered defenders, Lord Castellan Ursarkar Creed, but even with the armoured might of the Astra Militarum and the strength of the Adeptus Astartes at his side, it may not be enough to avert disaster and prevent the fall of Cadia. While Creed lives, there is hope.

SRP: $16.00 Your Price: $12.80

Image: Warhammer 40K Prose Novel: Cult Spiral Down SC  - Black Library

The galaxy is vast, and worship of the God-Emperor by His faithful takes many forms. The Spiral Dawn is one of the countless sanctioned sects of the Imperial cult. When a gathering of Spiralytes makes their holy pilgrimage to the sect's home world, Redemption, instead of the haven of enlightenment they are expecting, they find a soot-choked hellhole where their order's founders and an unorthodox regiment of Astra Militarum maintain an uneasy coexistence. As tensions between the pilgrims and the superstitious Guardsmen mount, the new arrivals begin to unravel the dark secrets concealed at the heart of their faith. This paperback edition contains a bonus short story, "Cast a Hungry Shadow," available in print for the first time.

SRP: $16.00 Your Price: $12.80

Image: Warhammer 40K Prose Novel: Dante SC  - Black Library

Dante is Chapter Master of one of the noblest but most troubled Chapters of Space Marines in the Imperium: the Blood Angels. From the time of his birth in the rad-scarred wastes of Baal Secundus, he was destined for glory and strife. From his apotheosis to Scout, to the hive cities of Armageddon and the alien menace of the Cryptas system, Dante has waged war against all the enemies of the Imperium. He has witnessed the divine, and struggled against the darkness within all sons of Sanguinius. Longer lived than any other Chapter Master, this is his chronicle, his great and storied legend.

SRP: $16.00 Your Price: $12.80

Image: Warhammer 40K Prose Novel: Kharn Red Path SC  - Black Library

Khârn the Betrayer, the Chosen of Khorne, is a force unchained and unbowed. Leading a band of ferocious berzerkers, Khârn follows the Red Path, bringing battle and bloodshed to all who stand in his way. As Abaddon the Despoiler's Thirteenth Black Crusade grips the galaxy, the Warmaster seeks to yoke Khârn's strength and barbarity for his own ends, but it soon becomes clear that the champion of the Blood God will not kneel easily. In his defiance, Khârn takes a bloody path that will lead him into conflict not only with the Imperium but also the Black Legion - and none will escape the carnage that follows.

SRP: $16.00 Your Price: $12.80

Image: Warhammer 40K Prose Novel: Magos SC  - Black Library

Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn has spent his life stalking the darkest and most dangerous corners of the galaxy in pursuit of heresy and Chaos, but how long can a man walk that path without succumbing to the lure of the warp? Pursuing heretics in the remote worlds of the Imperium, Eisenhorn must confront the truth about himself. Is he still a champion of the Throne? Or has he been seduced by the very evil that he hunts? The Magos is the brand new, full-length fourth novel in the hugely popular Eisenhorn series. This paperback edition also includes the definitive casebook of Gregor Eisenhorn, collecting together all twelve of Dan Abnett's Inquisition short stories, several of which have never been in print before.

SRP: $16.00 Your Price: $12.80

Image: Dragon Age RPG: Faces of Thedas Sourcebook  - Green Ronin Publishing

Faces of Thedas lets you bring a host of compelling characters from the Dragon Age video games and beyond to your game table. From fan-favorite companions like Alistair and Dorian to deadly antagonists like Loghain and Knight-Commander Meredith, this book gives Game Masters a memorable cast to work with, providing game statistics, backgrounds, and advice on how best to use these characters in your own Dragon Age campaigns. It also includes new rules for managing and using relationships in play, giving additional depth to rivalries, friendships, and romance. Major organizations like the Antivan Crows and the Carta are also detailed. Faces of Thedas is a must for any Dragon Age GM.

SRP: $39.95 Your Price: $31.96

Image: Fantasy Age RPG Companion HC  - Green Ronin Publishing
Fantasy Age RPG Companion HC
(Green Ronin Publishing)

Level up your campaign with the Fantasy AGE Companion! Once you've been playing with the Basic Rulebook for a while, you'll want more options and this book has you covered. Try out one of the new races or customize your current character with new talents. Explore new specializations like the martial artist and delver, new arcana like Beast and Death, and new spells for all the existing arcana. There are also rules for chases, relationships, organizations, mass combat and much more. The Companion is an indispensable addition to your Fantasy AGE campaign!

SRP: $32.95 Your Price: $26.36

Image: Return to Freeport: Adventures for Pathfinder RPG  - Green Ronin Publishing

Go back to the city that started it all! Return to Freeport is a new adventure set in and around Chris Pramas's classic City of Adventure that mixes fantasy, pirates, and Lovecraftian horror with nonstop danger and potential rewards. Player characters begin at 1st level and progress all the way to 11th as they seek to cure an ancient curse, track down slaver gangs, face off against the forces of the nation of Mazin, and uncover who is behind the long line of threats to Freeport itself. Compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, Return to Freeport is the perfect companion to the Freeport: The City of Adventure setting book!

SRP: $34.95 Your Price: $27.96

Image: Pathfinder Player Companion: Merchants Manifest  - Paizo Inc

Some say that money makes the world go 'round, and it's Golarion's merchants who make this a reality. This player-focused volume examines commerce in the setting through the lens of important trade hubs such as Absalom, Goka, and Katapesh, where smart shoppers can secure myriad fine wares (presented here for players to purchase for their heroes). Want a piece of the profits? You'll also find information about the most successful trading companies that have developed specialized tools and techniques to make the biggest profits and outwit their competitors. Whether you're aiming to secure up a rare item, hire on with these organizations, or make your own fortune, Pathfinder Player Companion: Merchant's Manifest is your key to success.

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $11.99

Image: Starfinder RPG: Pact Worlds HC  - Paizo Inc

The Pact Worlds are the beating heart of the Starfinder campaign setting, a solar system full of citizens both familiar and bizarre. From the cosmopolitan corridors of Absalom Station to the carnivorous jungles of Castrovel or the floating cloud-cities of the gas giant Bretheda, this hardcover rulebook is your guide to Starfinder's core worlds and civilizations, and the perfect place to launch any adventure.

SRP: $44.99 Your Price: $35.99

Image: Art of God of War HC  - Dark Horse Comics
Art of God of War HC
(Dark Horse Comics)

It is a new beginning for Kratos. Living as a man, outside the shadow of the gods, he seeks solitude in the unfamiliar lands of Norse mythology. With new purpose and his son at his side, Kratos must fight for survival as powerful forces threaten to disrupt the new life he has created. Dark Horse Books proudly presents the quintessential companion to the enormously anticipated God of War, allowing readers to witness the creation of an epic of tremendous scale! o Featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the game! o Includes exclusive commentary from the studio behind God of War!

SRP: $39.99 Your Price: $31.99

Image: Animosity Coloring Book SC  - Aftershock Comics
Animosity Coloring Book SC
(Aftershock Comics)

Over 60 pages of gorgeous black-and-white artwork from your favorite AfterShock series, Animosity! Now you too can join the adult coloring book movement by by breathing colorful life of your own into countless pages of Animosity artwork, specially printed on heavy paper stock! From the brilliant mind of creator/writer Marguerite Bennett (Insexts, Bombshells and Batwoman) with artwork by Russ Manning Award nominee Rafael De Latorre (Superzero).

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $12.74

Image: Refrigerator Monologues SC  - Saga Press

The Refrigerator Monologues is a collection of linked stories from the points of view of the wives and girlfriends of superheroes, female heroes, and anyone who's ever been "refrigerated": comic book women who are killed, raped, brainwashed, driven mad, disabled, or had their powers taken so that a male superhero's storyline will progress. In an entirely new and original superhero universe, Valente subversively explores these ideas and themes in the superhero genre, treating them with the same love, gravity, and humor as her fairy tales. After all, superheroes are our new fairy tales and these six women have their own stories to share.

SRP: $14.99 Your Price: $11.99

Image: Art and Making of Pacific Rim Uprising HC  - Insight Editions

The Art and Making of Pacific Rim Uprising takes readers behind the scenes and back into the heart of the epic battle between Kaiju and Jaegers. Showcasing the brilliant concept art behind the film and immersing fans in the creation of a true sci-fi epic, this book will be the ultimate exploration of one of the most anticipated films of 2018.

SRP: $45.00 Your Price: $36.00

Image: Old School Wrestling Activity Book  -

It's like one of those activity books you had as a kid, except way less boring. Featuring your favorite 80's wrestlers alongside such interactive content as word finds, connect the dots and fill in the blanks games. Perfect for wrestling nerds or pop culture junkies.

SRP: $ Your Price: $6.30

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