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BOOM! STUDIOS: Comic Books
Image: Skybourne #5 - Boom! Studios
Skybourne #5
(Boom! Studios)

Oversized final issue! The final battle over the fate of Excalibur begins, with Skybourne outmanned and outgunned by Merlin and his supernatural forces. Will the magical weapons of the Mountain Top Foundation be enough to slay the beasts?

SRP: $3.99 Your Price: $3.99

Image: Adventure Time 2017 Spoooktacular #1 (incentive cover - Crane) (10 copy) - Boom! Studios

To celebrate Halloween, it's a collection of fresh new shorts starring everyone's favorite malevolent mint, Peppermint Butler! Whether he's resorting to dark magick to launder his bow tie or fighting in the War of the Magicians, Pep Buts is the most tireless butler in Ooo. And in the land of Aaa, Butterscotch Butler is determined to keep Prince Gumball's spooky masquerade safe from Marshall Lee's tricks!

SRP: $ Your Price: $8.00

Image: Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack #3 (incentive cover - Smallwood) (25-copy) Incv - Boom! Studios

Jack and Lo Pan tear through an ocean of fire and madness, where nothing they see can be trusted - and may mean their demise! [((w) John Carpenter /(a) Jorge Corona /(ca) Greg Smallwood)]

SRP: $ Your Price: $10.00

Image: Adventure Time / Regular Show #6 (incentive cover - Smigiel) (10-copy) - Boom! Studios

Final issue! The Master of Division has turned bro against bro! Will they be able to overcome her powers and solve this problem for good?

SRP: $ Your Price: $4.00

Image: WWE #14 (incentive cover - Bayliss) (15-copy) - Boom! Studios

The top-secret story behind Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley kicking off the Women's Evolution that changed the WWE Universe forever begins in this issue! Plus, don't miss the first chapter of a four-part backup story from Tini Howard (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink) and Hyeonjin Kim (Sisters of Sorrow) chronicling the rise of WWE Superstar Asuka!

SRP: $ Your Price: $6.00

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