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MAY18 CATALOG: Mags & Books
Image: Still Just Kidding: Collection of Art Comics & Musings HC  - 3D Total Publishing

Cassandra Calin's ability to document the hilarity of relatable everyday events has made her a worldwide success and generated a huge following on social media. Have you ever wondered how a comedy writer comes up with funny ideas and turns them into comics? In this insightful book Cassie will be telling us all about herself and showing where her ideas come from. Cassandra will even go a step further and show how she designs and illustrates her comics and makes the mundane, side-splitting in a way that is sure to put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces.

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $27.99

Image: Gary Larson and the Far Side SC  - University Press of Mississipp
Gary Larson and the Far Side SC
(University Press of Mississipp)

Kerry D. Soper reminds us of The Far Side's groundbreaking qualities and cultural significance in Gary Larson and The Far Side. In the 1980s, Gary Larson (b. 1950) shook up a staid comics page by introducing a set of aesthetic devices, comedic tones, and philosophical frames that challenged and delighted many readers, even while upsetting and confusing others. His irreverent, single panels served as an alternative reality to the tame comedy of the family-friendly newspaper comics page, as well as the pervasive, button-down consumerism and conformity of the Reagan era.

SRP: $25.00 Your Price: $20.00

Image: Jim Shooter: Conversations SC  - University Press of Mississipp
Jim Shooter: Conversations SC
(University Press of Mississipp)

As an American comic book writer, editor, and businessman, Jim Shooter (b. 1951) remains among the most important figures in the history of the medium. Starting in 1966 at the age of fourteen, Shooter, as the young protégé of verbally abusive DC editor Mort Weisinger, helped introduce themes and character development more commonly associated with DC competitor Marvel Comics. Shooter created several characters for the Legion of Super-Heroes, introduced Superman's villain the Parasite, and jointly devised the first race between the Flash and Superman. The collected interviews in this volume span the career of a writer, editor, and businessman who remains one of the most important figures in the history of the medium.

SRP: $25.00 Your Price: $20.00

Image: Heavy Metal #293 (cover A - Ron English) - Heavy Metal Magazine

Heavy Metal's Music Special returns with an all new line-up - Mastadon, Slipknot, Motionless In White, King Diamond, Megadeath and more have their songs adapted by some of the comic world's top creators! Continuing in this issue is Richard Corben's ongoing opus, Murky World, plus an original piece by Heavy Metal Editor-in-Chief, Grant Morrison. Available in three cover variants!

SRP: $8.95 Your Price: $7.16

Image: Doc Savage Wild Adventure: Mr. Calamity SC  - Altus Press

Prospecting in the Wyoming badlands, Patricia Savage spies a man swimming in circles... high in a cloudless sky! After he falls to his death, the dead swimmer is discovered soaked to the skin. Who is he? How did he manage to swim through thin air? These are the questions Pat sets out to answer when her cousin, the famous scientist-adventurer Doc Savage, diagnoses her account as a hallucination caused by altitude sickness. But when the bronze-skinned girl vanishes, the Man of Bronze is forced to take action. From the Bighorn Mountains to Devil's Tower, Doc Savage and his mighty crew race against time to avert an impending tragedy created by a nebulous devil in human form who calls himself Mr. Calamity.

SRP: $29.95 Your Price: $23.96

Image: Shadow Double-Novel Vol. 132: Fingers of Death & Blackiest Mail SC  - Sanctum Productions

Lamont Cranston investigates crime in classic pulp thrillers by Walter. B. Gibson and Bruce Elliott. First, one by one, prominent citizens fall victim to Fingers of Death and only The Shadow can uncover the murderous mastermind behind the serial killings! Then, mysterious writing on a wall, a toy boat and a kite set Lamont Cranston on the trail of the Hollywood extortionist behind The Blackest Mail. Plus, a lost Shadow radio adventure by Walter Gibson!

SRP: $14.95 Your Price: $11.96

Image: Locus #690 - Locus Magazine
Locus #690
(Locus Magazine)

The July issue of Locus includes their SFWA Nebula Conference convention report, the Locus Awards Winners and the results of the Locus Poll, commentary from Cory Doctorow, interviews with established and upcoming authors, extensive book reviews, industry news, people notes, our monthly listing of all the US and UK books published that month, and much more.

SRP: $7.50 Your Price: $6.00

Image: Newtype  (August 2018) - Tohan Corporation
Newtype (August 2018)
(Tohan Corporation)

Newtype is the top source for all your anime and manga needs! It features all of the latest news on anime, manga, music, and games. Includes toy and model reviews, interviews with directors and actors, and columns by industry experts. Japanese Text.

SRP: $20.00 Your Price: $16.00

Image: Hobby Japan  (August 2018) - Tohan Corporation
Hobby Japan (August 2018)
(Tohan Corporation)

Hobby Japan, the magazine that specializes in model kit building and customizing in Japan, is generally recognized as the No.1 magazine of the hobby industry. A wide variety of articles features each month, including the montly How to Build... feature, which shows readers how to build and customize the latest and greatest Gundam kits from Bandai! As a leading magazine in the industry, Hobby Japan listens to its readers and offers the the hottest information on the market! Japanese text.

SRP: $20.00 Your Price: $16.00

Image: Megami  (August 2018) - Tohan Corporation
Megami (August 2018)
(Tohan Corporation)

Megami is Japan's top anime magazine! Focusing on bishoujo characters from anime and video games, Megami features tons of free giveaways, as well as full-color artwork and posters! Includes telephone cards, punch-out character stands, stickers, and much more! Japanese text.

SRP: $20.00 Your Price: $16.00

Image: Illustration Magazine #61 - Illustration Magazine
Illustration Magazine #61
(Illustration Magazine)

This issue of Illustration features the sexy pin-up illustrations of the brilliant Earl Moran, perhaps best remembered for his pin-up paintings featuring a young and unknown Marilyn Monroe! Our feature showcases numerous examples of his original art, printed tear sheets and covers, and rare, previously unpublished photographs. Next up we feature the work of Ray Prohaska, famous for his slick magazine illustrations of the 30s, 40s, and 50s. Book reviews, exhibitions and events, and more round out the issue!

SRP: $15.00 Your Price: $12.00

Image: Horrorhound #72 - Horrorhound Ltd
Horrorhound #72
(Horrorhound Ltd)

Nature has always been a scary beast. Anytime friends venture off into the woods, or paddle out into the ocean, you never know if disaster will strike. This issue features a Field Guide to Animal Attack films. We look into the many dangers that surround us in the wild (and even in our own homes) as we dissect the horrors of sharks, gators, snakes, rats, spiders, dogs, and so on, culminating with a special retrospective feature on Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, which celebrates its 55th anniversary. Also planned for this issue is features on The Meg, The Predator, The Nun, and Slenderman. Toy news (Stranger Things), and comic book news is also included with our regular features.

SRP: $6.99 Your Price: $5.59

Image: The Creeps #15 - Warrant Publishing Company
The Creeps #15
(Warrant Publishing Company)

The Creeps #15 accurately recreates the iconic Warren horror comic magazines popular in the 1970's by emulating Warren's early page layouts and by publishing new work created in the classic style by original Warren artists, writers and editors. Each issue of The Creeps is a highly collectible instant classic!

SRP: $5.95 Your Price: $4.76

Image: Back Issue #107 - Twomorrows Publishing
Back Issue #107
(Twomorrows Publishing)

Back Issue jingle-jangles with Archie Comics in the Bronze Age! Archie's '70s and '80s adventures, Stan Goldberg and George Gladir interviews, Archie knock-offs, Archie on TV, and histories of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, That Wilkin Boy, Cheryl Blossom, and Red Circle Comics. Featuring the work of Jack Abel, Jon D'Agostino, Dan DeCarlo, Frank Doyle, Gray Morrow, Dan Parent, Henry Scarpelli, Lou Scheimer, Alex Segura, Alex Toth, and more.

SRP: $8.95 Your Price: $7.16

Image: Alter Ego #154 - Twomorrows Publishing
Alter Ego #154
(Twomorrows Publishing)

In Alter Ego, Allen Bellman, artist in the original early-1940s Timely/Marvel bullpen, tells Dr. Michael J. Vassallo everything he didn't discuss in their 2004 interview, with art by Shores, Burgos, Brodsky, Sekowsky, Everett, Pfeufer, Klein, Burlockoff, Jaffee, Fago, et al. Plus, a spotlight on Marvel's trio of early-'70s heroine comics, featuring talks with Linda Fite and Paty Cockrum (The Cat), Carole Seuling (Shanna the She-Devil), and Roy Thomas (Night Nurse), with art by Severin, Fradon, Andru, and Mortimer!

SRP: $9.95 Your Price: $7.96

Image: Comic Book Creator #18 (Steve Rude) - Twomorrows Publishing
Comic Book Creator #18 (Steve Rude)
(Twomorrows Publishing)

Comic Book Creator features a career-spanning and downright philosophical discussion with Steve The Dude Rude, the Eisner Award-winning artist who got his start back in 1981 as co-creator of intergalactic executioner Nexus. The eternal art student (heavily influenced by Jack Kirby, Alex Toth, Russ Manning, and legendary art instructor Andrew Loomis) shares his real-life psychological struggles, the challenges of freelance subsistence, and his creative aspirations. Also: The jungle art of Neal Adams (whose artistry has graced many a Tarzan cover)! Cartoonist Mary Fleener talks about her forthcoming graphic novel Billie the Bee and her comix career! Part Three of Michael Aushenker's enormous Rich Buckler interview!

SRP: $9.95 Your Price: $7.96

Image: Jack Kirby Collector: Kirby & Lee Stuf Said #75 - Twomorrows Publishing

For its 75th issue, the Jack Kirby Collector magazine presents this first-of-its-kind examination of the creators of the Marvel Universe, in an oversize book! It looks back at their own words, in chronological order, from fanzine, magazine, radio, and television interviews, to paint a picture of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee's relationship, why it succeeded, where it deteriorated, and when it eventually failed. Also here are recollections from Steve Ditko, Wallace Wood, John Romita Sr., and more Marvel Bullpen stalwarts who worked with both Kirby and Lee. Rounding out this book is a study of the duo's careers after they parted ways as collaborators, including Kirby's difficulties at Marvel Comics in the 1970s, his last hurrah with Lee on the Silver Surfer Graphic Novel, and his exhausting battle to get back his original art - and creator credit - from Marvel.

SRP: $24.95 Your Price: $19.96

Image: Brickjournal #53 - Twomorrows Publishing
Brickjournal #53
(Twomorrows Publishing)

Level-up your building as BrickJournal gets dialed in with its Video Game issue! Get ready, as custom designers Tyler Clites and Sean Mayo show you all the LEGO hacks you need to twink and juice your creations! We also present big bad game-inspired models by Baron Von Brunk, and Pokemon-inspired models by Li Li! Plus: AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) by cartoonist Greg Hyland, step-by step You Can Build It instructions by Christopher Deck, BrickNerd's DIY Fan Art, Minifigure Customization with Jared K. Burks, and more!

SRP: $8.95 Your Price: $7.16

Image: American Comic Book Chronicles the 1990S  - Twomorrows Publishing

The American Comic Book Chronicles continues its ambitious series! Jason Sacks and Keith Dallas cover all the pivotal moments and behind-the-scenes details of the Bill Clinton years! The 1990s was the decade when Marvel Comics sold 8.1 million copies of an issue of the X-Men, saw its superstar creators form their own company, cloned Spider-Man, and went bankrupt. It was when Superman died, Batman had his back broken, and the runaway success of Neil Gaiman's Sandman led to DC Comics' Vertigo line of adult comic books. It was the decade of gimmicky covers, skimpy costumes, and mega-crossovers. But most of all, the 1990s was the decade when companies like Image, Valiant, and Malibu published million-selling comic books before the industry experienced a shocking and rapid collapse!

SRP: $44.95 Your Price: $35.96

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