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JUL18 CATALOG: Mags & Books
Image: Inside American Gods HC  - Chronicle Books
Inside American Gods HC
(Chronicle Books)

Neil Gaiman's bestselling and most beloved novel, American Gods, is now a critically acclaimed Starz television series. This official companion to the series takes Gaiman fans behind the scenes of this compelling, surreal show in which Old Gods and New Gods battle for the hearts and minds of modern-day people. Inside American Gods dives deep into the show's character development and world building, featuring interviews with actors Gillian Anderson, Crispin Glover, and Ian McShane about how they brought this cult favorite to the screen. Packed with previously unpublished set photos, concept art, and production designs, the book covers Season 1 as well as a teaser of exclusive content for Season 2.

SRP: $35.00 Your Price: $28.00

Image: Pulp Fiction SC  - Moonstone
Pulp Fiction SC

From Blood and Thunder Alley, dealing out Maximum Justice! New complete action thrillers starring the Black Bat (can-see-in-the dark two-gun crimefighter), Secret Agent X (man of a thousand faces), and the Purple Scar (who wears a mask of his murdered brother)! This book contains 100 pages of illustrated prose (10 illustrations), and 36 pages of comics.

SRP: $12.99 Your Price: $10.39

Image: Videogames SC  - V & A Publishing
Videogames SC
(V & A Publishing)

Videogames explores the design and culture of videogames since the mid-2000s, investigating groundbreaking contemporary design work, creative and rebellious player communities, and the political conversations that define this movement. A star-studded cast of contributors consider a variety of games, from blockbusters like The Last of Us and cultural phenomena such as Minecraft to less-mainstream productions like Consume Me, which tackles the difficult issues of body image and extreme dieting. This is truly a landmark publication, bringing videogames into the mainstream of cultural criticism and placing them alongside more conventional mediums of creative expression.

SRP: $35.00 Your Price: $28.00

Image: Alan Moore Jerusalem Novel SC  - Liveright

The New York Times-bestseller from the author of Watchmen and V for Vendetta finally appears in a one-volume paperback. In decaying Northampton, eternity loiters between housing projects. Among saints, kings, prostitutes, and derelicts, a timeline unravels: second-century fiends wait in urine-scented stairwells, delinquent specters undermine a century with tunnels, and in upstairs parlors, laborers with golden blood reduce fate to a snooker tournament. Through the labyrinthine streets and pages of Jerusalem tread ghosts singing hymns of wealth and poverty. They celebrate the English language, challenge mortality post-Einstein, and insist upon their slum as Blake's eternal holy city.

SRP: $24.95 Your Price: $19.96

Image: Newtype  (October 2018) - Tohan Corporation
Newtype (October 2018)
(Tohan Corporation)

Newtype is the top source for all your anime and manga needs! It features all of the latest news on anime, manga, music, and games. Includes toy and model reviews, interviews with directors and actors, and columns by industry experts. Japanese Text.

SRP: $20.00 Your Price: $16.00

Image: Rue Morgue Magazine #184 - Marrs Media Inc
Rue Morgue Magazine #184
(Marrs Media Inc)

Now in its 20th year of publication, Rue Morgue is the leading horror in culture and entertainment brand. Each issue features the latest in the world of horror; from feature interviews, classic retrospectives, trivia and more! Plus, the latest film, book, comic book, music, game and toy releases!

SRP: $9.95 Your Price: $7.96

Image: Avenger Double-Feature SC  - Moonstone

From the creators of Doc Savage and The Shadow! Two new thrillers for the price of one! Black Water is a secret worth killing for, a prize worth any price to claim. To most, it is a myth, but for the leaders of the Tartarus Legion, it is an obsession. And, when a distraught woman comes to the Richard Benson with a story about the ghost of a vicious mass murderer, he and Nellie Gray find themselves targeted by a ruthless killer. Has the fiend really come from beyond the grave? And will he take the Avenger and Nellie back with him?

SRP: $11.99 Your Price: $9.59

Image: Harryhausen Movie Posters HC  - Titan Books

Harryhausen - The Movie Posters showcases the posters from all of Ray's movies, from 1949's Mighty Joe Young, to Clash of the Titans in 1981. There has never been a book published devoted solely to the promotional art associated with the films themselves. Featuring posters from all over the world, as well as commentary from the Ray & Diana Harryhausen Foundation, this is an essential addition to any fan's library.

SRP: $39.95 Your Price: $31.96

Image: Hobby Japan  (October 2018) - Tohan Corporation
Hobby Japan (October 2018)
(Tohan Corporation)

Hobby Japan, the magazine that specializes in model kit building and customizing in Japan, is generally recognized as the No.1 magazine of the hobby industry. A wide variety of articles features each month, including the montly How to Build... feature, which shows readers how to build and customize the latest and greatest Gundam kits from Bandai! As a leading magazine in the industry, Hobby Japan listens to its readers and offers the the hottest information on the market! Japanese text.

SRP: $20.00 Your Price: $16.00

Image: Brickjournal #54 - Twomorrows Publishing
Brickjournal #54
(Twomorrows Publishing)

For your eyes only: BrickJournal, the magazine for LEGO enthusiasts, assembles a covert Dossier on one of today's most idiosyncratic builders, Taiwan's Hsinwei Chi! Marvel at his revolutionary work, from animals to giant robots, and discover how he develops his distinctive LEGO creations! We also infiltrate the studios of other top builders, and declassify their latest creations, including Michael Brown's colossal Technic-scale F-18 Hornet! Plus: AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) by cartoonist Greg Hyland, step-by step You Can Build It instructions by Christopher Deck, BrickNerd's DIY Fan Art with Tommy Williamson, Minifigure Customization with Jared K. Burks, and more!

SRP: $8.95 Your Price: $7.16

Image: Locus #692 - Locus Magazine
Locus #692
(Locus Magazine)

In September, Locus presents coverage of new and upcoming book releases (with insightful reviews by an award-winning roster of reviewers), our quarterly forthcoming books list which features all the genre books being published by both US and British publishers from September 2018 to June 2019, interviews with new and established authors, commentary from Cory Doctorow, news including industry sales and releases, along with awards, financials, books listings, and more.

SRP: $7.50 Your Price: $6.00

Image: Megami  (October 2018) - Tohan Corporation
Megami (October 2018)
(Tohan Corporation)

Megami is Japan's top anime magazine! Focusing on bishoujo characters from anime and video games, Megami features tons of free giveaways, as well as full-color artwork and posters! Includes telephone cards, punch-out character stands, stickers, and much more! Japanese text.

SRP: $20.00 Your Price: $16.00

Image: Horrorhound #73 - Horrorhound Ltd
Horrorhound #73
(Horrorhound Ltd)

This special Halloween-themed issue of HorrorHound Magazine celebrates the 25th anniversary of the beloved Disney classic, Hocus Pocus, as well as delving into Disney's history of Halloween and horror hijinx including write ups on The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Headless Horseman, Haunted Mansion, and so many more. A spotlight on family Halloween films is paired with a focal piece on genre cinema that takes place on the night of Samhain. Also planned for this issue are features focusing on the new Halloween film, Goosebumps, and Blumhouse Productions - plus all the latest movie, comic, and toy news coming out of the San Diego Comic-Con!

SRP: $6.99 Your Price: $5.59

Image: Screem #35 - Screem
Screem #35

Screem Magazine takes a look at Arrow films' Blood Thirsty Trilogy. Toho's Lake of Dracula, Evil of Dracula, and Vampire Doll will receive their US debut release in any format (Blu-ray/DVD). Kolchak: The Night Stalker (1972) arrives for the first time on Blu ray, and Screem resurrects this classic made for TV production. Planet of the Apes celebrates its 50th anniversary, and film historian Scott Essman takes us behind the scenes of this 1968 classic film, with many rarely seen photos appearing in the article. Andy Rausch interviews Greydon Clark, who is best known for Satan's Cheerleaders and Black Shampoo.

SRP: $8.95 Your Price: $7.16

Image: Heavy Metal #294 (cover A) - Heavy Metal Magazine
Heavy Metal #294 (cover A)
(Heavy Metal Magazine)

Heavy Metal's From Beyond The Darkness issue is a frightfest of sci-fi inspired horror stories from the best minds in comics, books and art, including Grant Morrison, Clive Barker, and more! Continuing in this issue are Richard Corben's Murky World and the final chapter of Esau Escorza and Michael Moreci's The Door.

SRP: $8.95 Your Price: $7.16

Image: Shadow Double-Novel Vol. 134: Syndicate of Sin & Merry Mrs. Macbeth SC  - Sanctum Productions

The Master of Darkness proves that crime does not pay in chilling pulp thrillers by Walter B. Gibson. First, a deadly Oriental poison is employed to dominate the world gold market! Will Lamont Cranston fall victim to The Creeping Death? Then, a seance, a vanishing blonde and a nymphlike creature lure The Shadow along a trail to hidden treasure! Can The Shadow pierce the occult shroud in one of his most baffling cases?

SRP: $14.95 Your Price: $11.96

Image: Alter Ego #155 - Twomorrows Publishing
Alter Ego #155
(Twomorrows Publishing)

Golden Age great Norman Maurer, artist, writer, editor, and filmmaker, is remembered by his wife Joan Maurer! She shares memories of Charles Biro's Crime Does Not Pay, Boy Comics, and Daredevil-of St. John's 3-D and Three Stooges comics with fellow legend Joe Kubert of his 1960s movie starring the Three Stooges (moe Howard was Norm's father-in-law!), plus Maurer's work for Marvel, DC, Gold Key, Fox, et al! Then, learn about Larry Ivie's 1959 plans for a JUstice Society revival, more on John Broome, FCA (Fawcett Collectors of America), Mr. Monster in his Comics Crypt, and Bill Schelly!

SRP: $9.95 Your Price: $7.96

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