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Image: Frostbite SC  - DC Comics - Vertigo
Frostbite SC
(DC Comics - Vertigo)

After Earth's second ice age, heat is power and brutal gangs roam the icy wasteland. If that wasn't enough, a terrible disease called Frostbite is literally freezing people from the inside out. Once you catch it, the effect is instantaneous. There is no immunity, there is no cure. Until now. Doctor Henry Bonham and his daughter Victoria have found the key to ending Frostbite. If they can get from Mexico City to a secret government outpost in Alcatraz, they could stabilize life across the globe. But to do that they'll need to stay alive. That's where Keaton comes in. She and her crew have faced worse journeys before, but never with the potential consequences this one poses if they fail. Collects Frostbite #1-6.

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: Flash Vol. 03: Rogues Reloaded  (Rebirth) SC - DC Comics

In Rogues Reloaded, the Flash's old foes, the Rogues, have abandoned Central City, pulled off that big score they've been after for years and are living it up in a beachside mansion. The only problem? They ripped off the wrong marks-and now some truly evil people are out for revenge. If the Rogues are going to have any chance of surviving, they'll need the help of their least favorite person alive: the Flash. Collects issues #14-20.

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: Justice League by Giffen & Dematteis Omnibus Vol. 01 HC  - DC Comics

The classic 1980s super-team series is collected in a giant Omnibus starring Batman, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Green Lantern Guy Gardner, Ice, Fire and dozens of other colorful heroes! This first volume includes Justice League #1-6, Justice League International #7-25, Justice League America #26-46, Justice League Europe #1-21, Suicide Squad #13, Justice League International Annual #1-3, Justice League America Annual #4, Justice League Europe Annual #1 and more!

SRP: $99.99 Your Price: $84.99

Image: Mother Panic Vol. 01: A Work in Progress SC  - DC Comics -Young Animal

There's a new vigilante on the streets of Gotham City, and she's got her own brand of violent justice. Enter Mother Panic! By day, Violet Paige is a celebutante with a bad attitude and a temper to match, whom no one suspects of having anything lying beneath the surface of her outrageous exploits. But Violet isn't just another bored heiress in the upper echelons of Gotham City's elite. Motivated by her traumatic youth, Violet seeks to exact vengeance on her privileged peers as the terrifying new vigilante known only as Mother Panic. Collects issues #1-6 of this new series!

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: Watchmen: The Annotated Edition HC  - DC Comics

The best-selling graphic novel of all time returns in a new edition featuring copious annotations by Leslie S. Klinger, who previously annotated The Sandman! This black-and-white hardcover edition includes a new foreword by artist Dave Gibbons, plus a Watchmen timeline, bibliography and more.

SRP: $49.99 Your Price: $42.49

Image: Batman / Superman / Wonder Woman: Trinity SC  (new edition) - DC Comics

In this new edition of the classic adventure, when Ra's al Ghul recruits Bizarro and a renegade Amazon warrior to help him create global chaos, the Dark Knight Detective suddenly finds himself working with the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess. Looking to thwart the madman's plot to simultaneously destroy all satellite communications as well as all of the world's oil reserves, Earth's greatest heroes are forced to band together-if they can work out their differences!

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Justice League by Geoff Johns Box Set Vol. 01  - DC Comics

The first three collections of Geoff John's stellar run on Justice League are collected in a slipcase trade paperback! Don't miss the fast-paced action from the pages of Justice League Vol. 1: Origin, Justice League Vol. 2: The Villain's Journey and Justice League Vol. 3: Throne Of Atlantis, collecting Justice League #1-17 and Aquaman #15-16.

SRP: $49.99 Your Price: $42.49

Image: Aquaman: Kingdom Lost SC  - DC Comics

Just as citizens of Sub Diego are starting to adapt to their new life under the sea, Black Manta arrives with his own plans for the devastated city. While Aquaman and his new Aquagirl deal with this latest mystery, Atlantis is making its inroads with Sub Diego. This legendary storyline comes to a close in the lead-up to Infinite Crisis. Collects issues #32-39.

SRP: $16.99 Your Price: $14.44

Image: Flash: Rebirth Collection Deluxe Edition Book 01 HC  - DC Comics

A new storm brews over Central City and disproves the old adage about lightning never, know. Just as Barry begins to feel overwhelmed fighting crime, a new speedster debuts-but where did this amazing new friend come from? Spinning directly out of the epic events of DC Universe: Rebirth, the Fastest Man Alive finds himself at the center of a DC Universe at a crossroads-and reeling from the reemergence of his protégé, Wally West! Collects issues #1-12 and The Flash: Rebirth #1.

SRP: $34.99 Your Price: $29.74

Image: Harley Quinn by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti Omnibus Vol. 01 HC  - DC Comics

The amazingly popular run on HARLEY QUINN by the multi-talented team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti is collected in a massive hardcover that includes Harley Quinn #0-16, Harley Quinn: Future's End #1, Harley Quinn Invades Comic-Con International: San Diego, Harley Quinn Annual #1, Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1, Harley Quinn Valentine's Day Special #1, and the miniseries Harley Quinn And Power Girl #1-6, wrapped up in a new cover by Amanda Conner!

SRP: $99.99 Your Price: $84.99

Image: DC Universe Rebirth Omnibus Expanded ed. HC  - DC Comics

DC's Rebirth event began with a bang in June 2016, relaunching every DC hero from Aquaman to Wonder Woman! Now, the entire collection of Rebirth specials are gathered in a massive new hardcover, expanded to add newer issues including Batwoman: Rebirth #1, Justice League Of America: Rebirth #1, DC Rebirth Holiday Special #1 and the one-shots starring the Atom, the Ray, Killer Frost and Vixen!

SRP: $99.99 Your Price: $84.99

Image: Absolute Authority Vol. 01 HC  - DC Comics

In these widescreen adventures from writer Warren Ellis and artist Bryan Hitch, the Authority battles a nation of super-powered terrorists, stops an invasion from a parallel world and much more! Collects The Authority #1-12, Planetary/The Authority #1 and more, including a brand-new story by Warren Ellis, Bryan Hitch and Paul Neary!

SRP: $75.00 Your Price: $63.75

Image: Superman: Savage Dawn SC  - DC Comics

Depowered and fragile, Superman is becoming increasingly desperate to regain his abilities! There isn't a solution he's not ready to embrace: the Greek Gods, villainous adversaries and even Kryptonite! In the midst of this crisis, Superman discovers the mastermind behind it all: the immortal Vandal Savage! This title collects Superman Annual #3, Action Comics #48-50, Superman #48-50 and Superman/Wonder Woman #25-27 and #30-31.

SRP: $24.99 Your Price: $21.24

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