Sadhu Vol. 02: Silent Ones SC

James Jensen was once a man of the world, a soldier in the British Army in 18th century India. But when his family was murdered, he sole desire was vengeance. James was meant for something much greater though, for he was to become a Sadhu, a mystic warrior walking the path of spiritual salvation. But the path of the Sadhu, is still marred with thorns. An ancient dark order led by an evil witch attempts to lure James with something very dear to him, someone he thought he had lost forever... his son. Now, the lines between spiritual salvation and human instinct begin to blur, as James begins the hunt of his life. Collects issues #1 thru #5 of The Silent Ones.

Image: Sadhu Vol. 02: Silent Ones SC  - Virgin Comics LLC

Sadhu Vol. 02: Silent Ones SC

Virgin Comics
Image: Sadhu Vol. 01 SC  - Virgin Comics
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