Ms. Marvel #12

MS. MARVEL #12 - Full-Color Creators: Written by Brian Reed; Penciled by Roberto De La Torre; Cover by Greg Horn Description: The seeds of Ms. Marvels upcoming new status quo are planted here! Killer robots! Contagious zombies! Impatient teen side-kicks! Could it get any worse for Carol Danvers? You bet because as our heroine battles the cybernetic psychopath known as the Doomsday Man, she learns a terrifying truth about herself! All this, plus Araña and Wonder Man! Writer Brian Reed (New Avengers: Illuminati) and penciler Roberto De La Torre welcome onboard new cover artist Greg Horn (She-Hulk) and get you ready for next months new era! 32 pages. Publisher Rating: Rated A.

Image: Ms. Marvel #12 - Marvel Comics

Ms. Marvel #12

Marvel Comics
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