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Image: Batman #36  [2017] - DC Comics
Batman #36 [2017]
(DC Comics)

Superfriends part 1! Batman and Superman. For so many years they've fought together for justice. Sometimes, they've even fought each other. Now, from the creators who broke your heart in The Ballad of Kite Man comes a look at how the flaws of each frightens the other and how the hope in each inspires the other. Don't miss this two-part event that everyone will be talking about as the relationship between these two men is forever changed.

SRP: $2.99 Your Price: $2.99

Image: Helheim: The Witch War SC  - Oni Press Inc.
Helheim: The Witch War SC
(Oni Press Inc.)

Once the threshold of Helheim is crossed, not even gods can escape. The Age of Vikings - Savage wild men, dark creatures, and hideous undead are pawns in the war between witches. A hero named Rikard, pays the ultimate price in this conflict but his fight is far from over. Raised as a draugr - an undead killing machine - Rikard is meant to be used as a weapon in the supernatural conflict. But Rikard will not be controlled. And where the draugr treads, death follows. [(W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Joëlle Jones]

SRP: $19.99 Your Price: $16.99

Image: Mockingbird #1 (variant cover - Chan) - Marvel Comics

Because you demanded it! Now in her own ongoing series! Bobbi Morse is Mockingbird, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most versatile, most in-demand agent! But a string of missions gone wrong indicate that something strange is lurking within S.H.I.E.L.D.'s own medical and recovery network. How far will Mockingbird have to go in order to solve this puzzle box and get to the truth? Bestselling author Chelsea Cain teams with newcomer Kate Niemczyk.

SRP: $ Your Price: $12.50

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