Interview: Terry Moore on Abstract Studios’ Strangers in Paradise XXV

Strangers in Paradise XXV #1

Strangers in Paradise XXV #1

Terry Moore is the popular creator behind Echo, Rachel Rising, Motor Girl, and more. Now he returns to what may well be his most popular creation with Strangers in Paradise XXV. Terry shared more about this series with Westfield’s Roger Ash and it’s going to be bigger than you realized.

Westfield: Why did you decide to return to Strangers in Paradise?

Terry Moore: Because the story isn’t finished. There is a loose end, a big one, that needs addressing. I’ve waited for the 25th Anniversary to do the new storyline because how many people get to do something like that?

Westfield: For new readers, what should they know going in?

Moore: All my other series, Echo, Rachel Rising, Motor Girl, they all happen in the same Terryverse, and the new SIP story kind of ties them all together. It’s like I told you those stories so I could tell you this one. You can read any one and enjoy it for what it is, but if you read them all, in order, it’s a whole other experience.

Westfield: What can readers look forward to in the series?

Moore: All the gang from the first Strangers In Paradise series, plus the gangs from the other books.

Westfield: Will you be introducing any new characters?

Moore: Yes.

Westfield: This series is scheduled to run 10 issues. Do you see a time when you’d return to tell more stories of Francine and Katchoo?

Moore: I would be wise to leave that door open. I’m fortunate to have come up with a unique set of characters I can call my own. Only death can separate a writer from his most beloved characters.

Westfield: Do you have any other projects in the works?

Moore: Yes, but 2018 is dedicated to Strangers In Paraduse XXV.

Motor Girl

Motor Girl

Westfield: Any closing comments?

Moore: Now that I’ve finished Motor Girl, my job is to write and draw the new Katchoo story. I’m the luckiest man in the world.


Strangers in Paradise XXV #1


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  1. Brian J. Says:

    Didn’t realize Motor Girl was such a short run. I was initially cautious about picking it up even though I enjoyed the rest of Terry’s stuff, so waited and picked up the first trade. Loved it – might be my favorite Moore work yet! Good luck on your return to SiP!