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This September's Moon Knight #7 by Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood

This September’s Moon Knight #7 by Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood


Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood will be taking over as creative team on Moon Knight #7  in September!

DC has released a list of artists and the artwork for this July’s Batman 75 Variant covers. Remember these are just like the Bombshell Variants and are just regular cover price!

Sandman Overture #3 (of 6) is currently scheduled for release on Wednesday, July 30! We’ll let you know here of any future changes!

Marvel has released info for creative teams and three covers for Edge of the Spider-Verse, a five-issue miniseries over two months launching this fall!

Bill Waterson (Calvin & Hobbes) drew a little Pearls Before Swine recently!

Ghostbusters is getting a theatrical re-release to mark its 30th anniversary on August 29th!

I’d pay good money to see this made into an actual poster!!!




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