A Deadly Black Widow Spotlight, co-starring Taskmaster!

Waid & Samnee!

While her film has been pushed back to November, you can catch up on the many exploits of Marvel’s Black Widow now! And for every protagonist, we need an antagonist, so be sure to check out the Taskmaster graphic novels, too!

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Graphic Novels and More Based on the Creations of Shigeru Miyamoto!

Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past GN

As a long-time video game designer, producer, and game director at Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of some of the most acclaimed and best-selling game franchises of all time! Here are some of our highest recommendations based on his co/creations!

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The father of modern role-playing games, Dungeons and Dragons has been a pop culture icon for over 45 years! With the advent of the 5th Edition rules combined with strides in streaming and social media platforms, D&D is arguably the most popular it’s ever been!

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Westfield Comics Reopens Its Doors Wednesday, May 20th!



This Wednesday, May 20 we’ll be opening our doors to customers for the first time since the end of March; however, there will be some rules to keep everyone safe:

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New In-Store Releases For Wednesday, May 20th, 2020!


Justice League #44


The comic industry takes its first step of getting back up to speed this week with New Releases mainly from DC and Image Comics! Next week will see some new releases from Marvel Comics!

For Your Consideration: Marvel Horror Lives Again Omnibus

Marvel Horror Lives Again Omnibus

Marvel Horror Lives Again Omnibus

Once the Comics Code was changed in the 1970s, Marvel introduced many new monstrous heroes and villains. Take a fond look back at them in Marvel Horror Lives Again Omnibus. Robert Greenberger pulls back the curtain on these horrific creations.

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For Your Consideration: DC’s Green Lantern/Green Arrow: Space Traveling Heroes

Green Lantern/Green Arrow: Space Traveling Heroes

Denny O’Neil, Mike Grell, and Alex Saviuk usher in a new era of greatness for two colorful heroes in DC’s Green Lantern/Green Arrow: Space Traveling Heroes. Robert Greenberger gives you the goods on these previously uncollected stories from the 1970s.

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Thank You and More Concerning our East Side Store

Just over a month ago, we closed our east side store for the last time. There is much we could say, but the most important thing we can say is this: thank you all.

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Retail Store Curbside Pickup Coming Tomorrow!

We’ll be offering curbside pick-up service at the west side store beginning this Wednesday, April 29. As this process is new to all of us, please be patient as we work through it. Also please note curbside service does not allow for entering the store.

Initially, business hours will be limited to Monday through Saturday, 12 noon to 6pm, and closed on Sunday.

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Roger’s Video Blog: Reading at Home


Westfield’s Roger Ash is at home and shares some reading recommendations to help pass the time.

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